Efficient automation for office and business

With Loxone for your business, you will have an all-around solution running efficiently with productivity and sustainability in mind. For a business owner, this means more comfort for employees’ productivity and more savings on energy costs. With our intelligent technology running in the background, your business becomes more cost-effective without extra effort on your end.

Brightly lit office space

Maintain a healthy work environment

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Automated blinds

Blinds of any type can be integrated to automatically move up or down depending on the position of the sun and temperature. This helps keep the building at a comfortable temperature using less energy while it also keeps employees more comfortable by blocking harsh sun rays.

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Task lighting

Office lighting can be tailored to actually boost office productivity. With the right balance of bright, cool lighting, you can better support employees’ energy and focus. Plus, lighting is efficiently controlled so no energy is wasted if no one is in the room or if there’s already enough natural light filling up the room.

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Demand-driven venilation control

Thanks to the exact measurement of air quality with the help of CO2 sensors, the Loxone system will reliably and automatically maintain a pleasant and healthy air quality. Your employees’ wellbeing is priority in creating your healthy work environment.

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Always exact data

Sensors continuously record exact measurements. With all values – temperature, energy usage, etc – available in the Loxone Smart Home App, you can always ensure your business is running efficiently. 

Convenient access control with the NFC Code Touch

Access control with Loxone is easy to individualize. Using the NFC Code Touch, employees simply hold up their NFC Key Fob or even just tap their phone to get access if and when they are authorized. Compact and cost-effective, if a Key Fob ever gets lost the entire door lock does not need to be replaced. Simply remove access rights to the NFC Key Fob right in the app and create a new one just as easily. You can always get into the building using a code.

Hand holding up NFC Key Fob to NFC Code Touch
Smartphone displaying burglar alarm status in the app

Fully automated alarm system 

The Loxone alarm system remains activated according to schedule. It knows when employees’ presence should be expected and when an unexpected presence should send a warning. For example, when the first employee enters the building using the NFC Code Touch & Key Fob, the system deactivates knowing that the work day has started. 

If the system happens to detect an intruder outside of office hours, the alarm will be triggered in a sequence. Along with smartphone notifications to management members, the external alarm will sound while the inside the building alarms blasts with flashing lights and blinds fully open.

Conference room with blinds

An extra brain in the office: the Miniserver

Your business gets a higher IQ with the Miniserver. With high level automation, your business doesn’t need to rely on so many buttons or manual operation. The Miniserver does all the work for you, taking care of any presence-related actions, lighting, temperature, and air quality. It’s intelligent enough to analyze information and communicate with products to adjust the environment accordingly.

High-quality multi-room audio for your business

Provide employees with an unforgettable music experience. With multi-room audio, music helps create a positive working environment along with the following functions:

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Music as you enter the room

Right as you enter the room – private office, bathroom, break room, etc. – music will start playing. Any song you choose in any room. After a specified duration without any presence, the music will know to shut off.

Playlist icon

Music choice is yours

Choose to play music from your specially made playlists, various radio stations or from streaming services.

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Unlimited flexibility

 Control the sound of the office area instantly in the app. Control must be denoted to employees and then they will have full control of what is played and in which zones.

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Announcements in every room

The multi-room audio system will know when certain announcements should be made in each room. For example, at a set time or when a specific event takes place – maybe a meeting takes place at 10 a.m. – a prior announcement can be made using text-to-speech.

Smartphone displaying energy management chart

Minimal energy consumption

Keep rooms and costs at a comfortable level. Room climate will be automatically taken care of with minimal energy consumption in mind. Efficiently control energy consumption with the Miniserver’s capability to shut down unused or standby devices like printers or monitors. There are many actions that the system takes to save energy:

Individual solutions tailored to your needs

Every project can get an individually tailored solution to meet a variety of needs. This is possible because of our many open, freely configurable interfaces along with the possibility of simple programming.

Employee sitting at office desk

Lighting on-demand in different zones

Employee using NFC products in office kitchen

Personalized payment system with NFC Code Touch & Key Fob

Hand using Loxone Touch switch

Automated locker system


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