Loxone as a Technology Platform

Develop your individual solution
with Loxone

With the Miniserver we have a powerful technology platform designed for superior Smart Homes. Thanks to the flexible system architecture based on extensions and the API as a communication interface, the Miniserver is ideal for use as a technology platform for a variety of applications.

Use Loxone to develop your own solution. Integrate our Miniserver as an intelligent centerpiece in your product and create your own functions and applications around this.

The Loxone Miniserver as a solution for
your product requirements

The Miniserver is the ultimate tool for powering solutions in today’s digital age, designed to effortlessly afford the implementation of a variety of functions and requirements.

Recording of statistics

HTTP interfaces

Real time notifications by e-mail or phone call

User & rights management

Technology interfaces (RS232, RS485, Modbus ... see Extensions)

Capability for remote access

Combinational Logic (Logic Gates, PID controller, Ping, and much more)

Monitoring of industrial plants

LAN interface

M2M communication

API to develop your own apps

And much more

API & Industry Tools

We offer our smart technology for you as a platform. Control the Miniserver using your proprietary app or create your own visualization, for example. Using our interface description, you can create your own development based on the Loxone Miniserver.


Would you like to make Loxone Smart Homes a part of your business, or learn more about joining forces with us? Please get in touch and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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Ben Christakis

Partner Coach