Top 5 outdoor features

08/26/2022 in Know How

During those hot summer months, people prefer to spend time outside. A garden, for instance, can boost our physical and mental health, which is why many people create a little paradise here to take a break from their everyday lives. Here are our top Loxone features for outdoor use to make your backyard dreams come true.


The software module ‘Irrigation’ is able to integrate weather data such as precipitation and weather forecasts, thus enabling irrigation according to demand. If water pipes lead to pop-up sprinklers in the garden, the valves of the pipes are also opened one after the other and not simultaneously, in order to avoid too little water pressure.

Lighting moods

Lighting moods are a great way to set the scene in any garden. These can be implemented easily with the help of the Miniserver. First, we specify the time when the lighting should be active, e.g. between dusk and 2 o’clock in the morning with 20% brightness. Then, the self-defined mood ‘Ambient’ is activated via the input ‘Pulse at Dusk’. The miniserver itself calculates when it gets dark. The ‘Pulse at’ function block deactivates the lighting at 02:00 in the morning.

Awning control

You love summer, but don’t want it to turn into sunburn season? We can help you shade the outside areas intelligently. For example, we can use the Nano IO Air flush-mounted relay to control the awning motor and at the same time also connect it to a Touch for easy use.

Pool control

For a simple and effective integration of a pool control, we developed the AquaStar Air together with Peraqua. It is a modern 6-way backwash valve which, in combination with the Miniserver and an Air Base Extension or the Miniserver Go, provides fully automatic and intelligent pool control. In addition, the Aquastar Air has numerous interfaces to control the lighting or the pool cover, to integrate pressure sensors for level measurement and automatic filling, to connect temperature sensors via 1-Wire to heat or cool to your desired temperature at any time and much more.


We can implement high-quality sound for whenever you want to relax in your backyard, or even turn your party into a true banger. You only need the Loxone Audioserver, and for your  protected outdoor area our In-Ceiling 7 Speaker. Here, we simply work with different audio groups via the “Audio Player Fixed Group” Function Block. 

This block is intended for all acoustically non-separated areas in which the same audio signal, for example if you were using it on your terrace. You will not only get the perfect sound, you’ll also hear all warnings from text-to-speech messages or the doorbell through the speakers, so you never miss an important message again.

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