The next evolution of Loxone OS, Config and App with version 9.3 – available from the end of March.

John Wechsler
02/28/2018 in For Partners

We’re excited about another milestone in our config software for you, our Loxone Partners. At the end of March, we will be releasing version 9.3 with some exciting new features.

Our software guys have developed version 9.3 with a focus on the needs of our Partners. We recognized that there was an opportunity to make the planning and quoting stage better. So, these new features are aimed at making the whole process from planning to handing over a Real Smart Home even easier.

The complete package for our Partners

With Version 9.3, we’re bridging the gap between our config software and our planning spreadsheet. This is part of our goal to create a Real Smart Home Compendium for you that puts more hardware information at your fingertips while helping you through the quoting, planning and commissioning of a Loxone Smart Home.





A new era of Project Planning

Today we want to give you a little insight into the new features of Config Version 9.3 – for us, this is a new era of project planning for our Partners. Potentially, this new feature could reduce the amount of time it takes to get an estimate to your customer from that first meeting. Once you get the go-ahead, the time it takes to commission a Real Smart Home is also improved. This is all thanks to the fact that the planning spreadsheet has been replaced with the new Planning Tool – integrated directly into Loxone Config!

We’re really excited about this, so here is a glimpse into how the new Project Planning tool will work. With the official launch at the end of March, we’ll take a closer look at this powerful tool.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Create a new project

Easily create a new customer project that you can save and come back to at any time.

Global Settings

Make your global preselection of spots, shading and heating – from this, you can automate a lot of the planning for the building. Here you can also indicate of the project will require a Miniserver or Miniserver Go.

Create rooms
and set room types

The room overview, you can start specifying details such as listing all the rooms and selecting the room types. Here you’ll also add information such as the number of windows and interior doors which will be used to determine which Loxone components are needed for this Real Smart Home.

Finish planning

Having entered all the relevant information, the new Project Planning tool will generate a parts list which you can view in Excel. Plus, from here you can easily generate the Config file for this smart home. This automatically-created Config file will list all the Tree and Air products required for the installation. All devices in the Config will already be labelled and assigned to the correct room.

From here, it’s only a few clicks away from automatically configuring an entire smart home.

Sales support –
The Real Smart Home Compendium

As part of our concerted effort to help our Partners throughout the quoting, sales, planning and commission of a Real Smart Home, we are also releasing a great reference guide. The Real Smart Home Compendium offers a wealth of information; including food for thought for your customers and explaining the benefits of living in a real smart home.

The Real Smart Home Compendium will better equip you to answer any questions your customers have about smart homes.

The Real Smart Home Compendium will be available for you and your customers to download from the end of March.

The Project Planning tool –

ideally suited for Auto Configuration

Our new Project Planning tool goes hand-in-hand with Auto Configuration. This integration streamlines the process from planning through to configuring each project.

As a Loxone Partner, you can easily and more efficiently offer true value to your customers with the realization of a Real Smart Home. With this tailor-made integration, Auto Configuration just got more powerful.

The highest IQ – Loxone Products

Loxone’s offering of hardware and software has, at the very core, a  principle to improve the way we live in our homes. State of the art products, powerful software and expert know-how all contribute to realizing this through the delivery of Real Smart Homes. The level of intelligent automation that can be achieved with Loxone devices coupled with Auto Configuration is unparalleled. We’ll continue to develop this feature-rich offering in an efficient package for our Partners – all in the interest of improving the process of installing and commissioning Real Smart Homes.

Up-to-date software

Making use of the new features in Loxone Config 9.3 will improve the way you go about your daily work as a Loxone Partner. In addition to the features mentioned above, this update includes several security-related improvements.

Why not arrange a follow-up appointment with your existing customers so that when the update is released, you can get their Real Smart Home running on the latest, more secure version of Loxone OS?

Loxone Config Version 9.3 Partner Preview

Keen to get started with using these new features? Well, our Partner Preview of the upcoming Config is now available to download!

Install it today to familiarise yourself with what will be included in the official release.

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