What you’ll gain from our Smart Home Training Course

Courtney Muraczewski
11/16/2018 in For Partners

Just like smart homes, our partners come in all shapes and sizes– system integrators, electrical contractors, engineers and the like–and they all get the tools they need to succeed with the Loxone 3-Day Smart Home Training Course. And so can you. Sessions are held at our US homebase in Garnet Valley, PA and you can see our schedule of upcoming Smart Home Training Courses. The course will give you a full understanding of what it means to have a Real Smart Home with true automation, so you can offer your customers the ultimate benefit of a simplified lifestyle. You will learn how to plan, install, and configure Real Smart Homes in record time so you can expand your business in profitable fields like lighting control, access control, and whole home automation. Even if you’re new to Real Smart Home automation, we will make sure you leave with confidence to impress your customers and meet their evolving needs.

It all starts with your own demo case to use hands-on throughout the three days. Inside, it contains our Miniserver, Touch, and Motion Sensor that allow you to play with features–your new favorite toys that we’ll have to take away from you after the course (sorry!). Good news is, you get a chance to win one of our products at the end of your training. The demo case gives you an exciting and easy way to visualize how you would use the Miniserver and other products for your next project. You’ll even get to learn how to configure projects with the same technology that you will experience during your tour of our fully-automated show home. Plus, at the tour you’ll get to network and compare notes on other important matters–the best cheesesteak in Philadelphia.

“I’m most excited about my hands-on experience with the HVAC Damper. It’s great to learn how a home can adjust to a family, especially with kids.”

Neil Taylor

Lexcom, Kentucky

Here is an example schedule including highlights from the course:

Day 1:

Loxone philosophy – how the Real Smart Home eliminates 50,000 tasks per year for your customers with whole home automation
True automation – the Real Smart Home adjusts to the home owners’ lifestyles, making their lives easier
Miniserver – as the central control of the Real Smart Home, there’s nothing you can’t integrate
Create and configure a project – see how the Loxone system can be fully-integrated and customized for your future projects with our easy-to-use software tool
Approach and educate customers – become an expert on integrating Loxone to meet your customers’ needs
Tour our show home – experience the affordable luxury of simple living and hang out with the Loxone team and other trainees


Day 2:

Technology – understand the differences between Tree, Link, and Air technology and get an overview of popular products
Features – everything you need to know about climate control, lighting, shading, audio, and security
Loxone Touch Standard – see how our standard is a selling point for today’s smart home buyers


Day 3:

360-degree smart home solution – realize the potential of the whole home to reduce complication of technology
Installation – get practice with complete hardwiring and configuration of the Miniserver
Partner program – understand expectations, benefits, and support that you’ll receive
Chance to win products – use your knowledge and skills gained from the course to complete a configuration in the fastest time and you could leave with a free Miniserver
Loxone Expert Certificate – awarded to you after the course so you can become an official Loxone partner

Loxone Smart Home Training Course winner

One of our trainees, Brian Trippett from Lexcom, took home a prize in addition to his certification! At the end of the course, you can get the chance to win a product by testing your configuration skills. See if you can beat his winning time of 32:25 for a Real Smart Home configuration.

With this much to offer and more, a Loxone 3-Day Smart Home Training Course can give you the next step you need to grow your business. Be sure to register to save your spot for our next Smart Home Training Course.

“I really became a believer in the Loxone product as a result of your training seminar. I look forward to working with you as I introduce this system into future projects for my clients.”

John Watson

Corstera LLC, Maryland

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