Loxone Project 2.0 – The Best Smart Home Planning Tool!

Krista Aumüller
05/21/2013 in Technology

If you have been watching closely, you will have noticed that we have just released a new version of Loxone Project our project planning app. Whilst the previous version was only in German and really more of a teaser this version is multi-lingual and allows you to plan every aspect of you home automation project. Designing and planning your Smart Home is easier than ever before with our app. Don’t believe us? – Loxone Project is free so you may as well download it from the App Store and give it a whirl.

*UPDATE* – We now have a new project planning tool. To download it, please click here and choose ‘Loxone Project Planner’ from the ‘Other Downloads’ category.

The Highlights of Loxone Project 2.0

Room by Room Planing

If you have a floor plan in front of you then it is only natural that your smart home planning tool should work on a room by room basis. Our app allows you to capture information as you go through your plan and as you enter what you want in each room, it will automatically compile a parts list for you in the background. The app will also graphically detail exactly how well you are making use of the available resources on your Loxone products, meaning you can get the most for your money and will never under or overestimate the number of Extensions needed

Full Integration with your Loxone Account

Simply log in to the app using your Loxone account and you can get started straight away. Your partner level and trade pricing is automatically taken into account, so you see straight away what the overall cost of a project is.

Project & Customer Management

An absolute must for every ‘smart’ partner. With Loxone Project as you Smart Home Planning Software all your projects are automatically synchronised with your Loxone account and securely backed up, so you can access them on all of your devices. Gone are the times of worrying about copying the latest project version to the right device before going to a meeting with the customer. Loxone project also allows you to save notes about specific items that you need to still clarify with the customer, making it the perfect tool to manage the installation – from beginning to end. When you are working together with your customer you can also hide your purchasing conditions to avoid any discussions about discounts. Simple, isn’t it?

Share Your Project

If you want to share the project with someone else, then of course you can do this as well. You can email or print the parts list to be included in a quote. You can even email the entire project file to some else with the Loxone Project app on their iPad.

Your own Parts and Templates

Don’t like the templates that come with our app by default? No problem! You can turn any project that you created into a template saving you time on the next project. Find there are parts that we do not have in our list or want to use your own PIRs instead of our ones? Not to worry, we understand. You can create your own components and select how they are connected to Loxone so that all the calculations for the required inputs and outputs are still right. So many options!

New in Version 2.0

  • New Interface: We’ve completely redesigned our interface to make it even more intuitive and easy to use. Making planning installations with Loxone Project 2.0 much faster.
  • New ‘Usage’ tab: We’ve listened to your feedback  and padded the usage tab, which allows you to see what inputs and outputs you are using. .
  • Project Sync: All projects including customer contact details, as well as your own components and templates are now synchronised between multiple devices using your Loxone account
  • Language Support: We have spent many hours to make sure that you can now use Loxone Project in English, Spanish, German, French and Czech.
  • Currency Support: Along with adding multi lingual support, we have straight away added support for multiple currencies including Sterling.

We feel we have said enough. Why not download the Loxone Project 2.0 and tell us what you think of it!

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