Smart Home Open House – Indianapolis

01/04/2019 in Case Studies

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How about a Smart Home Open House?

In November, Loxone Partner Dan Killinger of Intelligent Living Solutions hosted a Smart Home Open House in Zionsville, IN. It attracted future home buyers and builders from the surrounding area of Indianapolis, one of the top Midwest cities. In their Our Town series, Todd and Megan Ferris Realtors and Dan demonstrate the amazing capabilities of this Loxone Smart Home – beyond what you’d expect…

Back in 2016, Dan had the perfect vision for Southern style influencer (from Seersucker and Saddles Blog) Beth Chappo’s condo. Get inspired by this special project that established her love for Loxone. The Chappo family was so blown away by the difference that Loxone made in their lives that they decided to take smart home technology even further in their new modern farmhouse in 2018 (pictures below).

See the possibilities of Loxone technology

At the event in the Chappo’s modern farmhouse, guests came to realize the possibilities of Loxone technology in their upcoming projects. They got to experience in person how the “brain” of the smart home communicates between lighting, climate, security, shading, TVs and more – all done with minimal user interaction. 

Unique features

Along with the essential features, the home has unique uses for Loxone technology too. This includes a brewery room and even a secret safe. View more features in our gallery below:

Host your own event

What does this mean for you? This is the perfect chance to promote your business with a Loxone project you’re proud of. Together, we can bring real solution to your future customers. If you have a Loxone project that you’d like to show off, you can host an event just like this one. Contact us to get started!

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