Power Outage? Here’s How the ‘Emergency Energy’ Mode Maximizes Generator Life

John Wechsler
03/05/2018 in Know How

A nor’easter whipped it’s way through the Philadelphia area on Thursday leaving thousands without power as it downed the power lines and trees that stood in its way. Since the storm, the county has been working around the clock to get the lights turned back on, but over 50,000 homes are still without power. Fortunately, some people in the neighborhood were prepared with backup generators, but due to the duration in which we’ve been without power we got thinking about how we could maximize generator runtime. What we’ve come up with is our “Emergency Energy” mode. 

Emergency Energy Mode

All Loxone Homes save energy by utilizing automated low voltage lights, zoned heating and cooling, and additional energy savings features, all without compromising comfort. But the Emergency Energy Mode takes it a whole step further and will instantly cut down your homes energy usage to an absolute minimum, to keep your generator going longer.

Emergency lights (80% less energy)
A unique characteristic of our Loxone Tree spots is that every single spot can be controlled individually. During emergency mode, only one or two spots per room will light up and the rest will stay off to reduce energy usage.

Example: We have 20 LED spots installed in the Master Bed & Bath area, but only 4 of them will light up when it’s dark during emergency mode, cutting down the energy usage for lights by 80%.

Heating & Cooling mode (20% to 60% less energy)
During emergency mode the temperatures are set to ‘economy’ mode throughout the house, saving 20 to 60% energy on heating or cooling.

Outdoor Lights
In general, our outdoor lights are on from dusk until dawn. During emergency mode, they will be off from 11 PM to 6 AM to save more energy.

Activating ‘Emergency Energy’ Mode

Most Generators have a contact to give a signal when the power is out. By connecting that contact to the Loxone System, it is informed about a power outage and can activate ‘Emergency Energy’ mode for you automatically and inform you about the power outage.
In case your generator has no signal output, you can simply activate the ‘Emergency Energy’ mode in the Loxone App.

More Information?
Interested in learning more about ‘Emergency Energy’ Mode for your home? Feel free to reach out to us and send us more details on your project.

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