Loxone Smart Home App 6 With New Room Mode Is Released!

Krista Aumüller
12/17/2015 in Technology

As you may know, we have a small army at Loxone HQ who dedicate their time to building the best smart home software possible. We regularly release updates for both our configuration software, Loxone Config, and our App to ensure our software stays up to date and enjoyable to use.

Our latest offering, the Loxone Smart Home App version 6 has been optimised for tablets and boasts one of our most advanced features yet: Room Mode.

Room Mode: Everything at a glance

Room Mode will change the way you use your home! In Room Mode, you can view and adjust all the primary functions within a room and view important information and updates all from one screen.

For those who like to use their tablet as a wall mounted control panel, the new Room Mode boasts a simple, sleek design with customisable background and function tiles that are intuitive to use.

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Loxone Room Mode

screen: All the essential room functions at a glance. Control music directly from the Start screen.

Loxone Room Mode

Audio: Simply scroll through a range of audio options with the Loxone Smart Audio.

Loxone HD app-Heating-640px
Temperature: Displays the current room temperature and allows you to quickly adjust your heating modes.

Loxone HD app Lighting 640px
Lighting: Browse and select your desired lighting scene with ease.

Loxone HD app-shading-640px
Shading: Control (individually and in groups) your blinds or set them to automatic mode.

Loxone Room Mode

Weather: View accurate weather information and forecasts (requires the Loxone Weather Service).

Loxone Room Mode

Notifications: In Room Mode you’ll receive important notifications directly on the screen

Loxone Room Mode

Eco mode: automatically activated after a set period of time. The screen will darken to save power (and to prevent disturbing you at night). Just one tap will expand the view for the function tiles like temperature and lighting.

How to enable Room Mode in the App

Room Mode is a completely free feature of Loxone Smart Home App 6 and there’s no need to download anything extra to enjoy it. Simply download version 6 and enable Room Mode in the app settings.

New: Optimised for tablets

We have taken our previous user interface for tablets and completely reworked it, to ensure it’s perfectly optimised for tablets.

Loxone Smart Home App 6

Other new features

Moreover, there are adjustments to the appearance and usability of the app. We have, amongst other things, enhanced the options for lighting control and improved the music zone functionality.

Download now for free

The Loxone Smart Home App is available completely free of charge in the Apple AppStore and Google Play Store.

The new web interface also gets an update!

Loxone App 6 - Webinterface

In addition to the new Loxone App 6 we have updated the Web Interface. The Web Interface now uses all of the space available on your web browser. Even the new Room Mode can be accessed via the Web Interface! There’s no need to do anything to enjoy the new update – it will be updated automatically for you.*

*In order to enjoy automatic updates, please ensure your Miniserver is running Loxone Config 7.1 or later or alternatively contact your Loxone Partner.

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