Loxone joins CEDIA

Krista Aumüller
01/31/2017 in Backstage

CEDIA, the leading global authority in the home technology industry, says that life is lived best at home. We agree with that – especially when you live in a Loxone Smart Home. We love Smart Homes, and we are committed to bringing home technology to every newly built home. Day by day we’re working together with more than 11,000 Loxone Partners all over the world – from System Integrators to Electricians to Home Builders.

CEDIA represents companies and industry professionals that manufacture, design and integrate goods and services for the connected home. Together, we share a deep-rooted passion for home automation technology. Joining CEDIA helps us to strengthen the cooperation with other people passionate about Smart Home technology.

CEDIA CEO Vin Bruno and Loxone US CEO Florian Woess at the Loxone Showhome in November 2016.

CEDIA accreditation for Loxone Expert Training Course

CEDIA offers development pathways that move the members to the next level by providing education. We are currently accrediting our training courses with CEDIA so that members will earn points when visiting the Loxone training.

Our Expert course is a 3-day in-person training course for professionals to learn the skills needed to do a Smart Home with Loxone. The training courses cover planning, wiring, configuration and after sales service of Smart Homes. Attending the training courses makes you a certified Loxone Silver Partner and gives you the knowledge and skills to offer your customers a true Smart Home experience.

For all System Integrators & Electricians: Free Smart Home Info Evening

Would you like to experience a true Smart Home yourself? We’re opening our doors on the 23rd of February as of 5 pm. Come by and see our Smart Home in all of its glory. Get inspired, enjoy food and drinks and chat with others about the future of Home Automation technology.

Loxone Smart Home

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