Loxone joins Home Builders Association: Pushing the Builder’s Smart Home

Florian Woess
01/23/2017 in Backstage

We believe that every newly built home should be equipped with Smart Home technology. A Smart Home takes care of thousands of tasks for the homeowner, freeing up time for the more important things in life. Since we’ve founded Loxone, we equipped more than 40,000 homes with Smart Home technology. We are working with Builders all around the United Staes to improve the lives of homeowners.

We are now expanding our cooperation with Home Builders by joining the Builders Association. We are continuously educating Builders on how to use Smart Home technology. Our experts are happy to give advice on how to integrate, configure and offer Smart Homes to clients. Yet, even the best explanations can’t do justice to what it is like living in a Smart Home. So we also offer the possibility to visit one of our Showhomes to get an insight on life in a Smart Home.

We are looking for Builders that look for new and innovative ways to attract more customers. With Loxone you can offer a comfortable, energy-efficient and safe home that stands out from the crowd. Adding the Loxone Smart Home solution to any home will help your business grow faster. Get in touch with us and learn more about our services for Builders:

PS: Join us at one of our Builder evenings and take the opportunity to experience a Smart Home first hand while networking with fellow Builders. The event takes place in our Showhome in Media, Pennsylvania:

Builders Evening Loxone Showhome

Loxone is a proud member of the following Home Builders Associations: Home Builders Association of Chester and Delaware Counties, Building Industry Association of Central Kentucky, Pennsylvania Builders Association, Home Builders Association of Kentucky and the National Association of Home Builders.

Home Builders Association joined by Loxone

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