More power for Loxone Smart Homes: Config 8.1, App 7.1 and Music Server Update

Krista Aumüller
11/10/2016 in Technology

Holidays are still a few weeks away, but we already got some presents for you: our brand new Loxone Config 8.1, Loxone Smart Home App 7.1 and an update for the Loxone Music Server. Your Loxone Smart Home will get even more powerful – for free!

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Unique in the industry: Intelligent Energy & Battery Monitoring

Energy Management is getting more and more important with sales of electric cars exploding all over the world. We have expanded the energy monitor to enable you to keep track of your energy footprint at any time. with the update we’ve added the unique possibility to integrate battery storage. That way you can keep track of energy consumption, production and battery storage (monitoring charging, discharging and the charging level). Information that helps you understand and improve your energy usage.

We’ve created the unique possibility to integrate this battery into your smart home. If you’re already using a battery as storage for your produced energy, you’ll now have a even advanced overview of your energy production and storage.

Let’s say it’s a sunny day and you’re on the way with your electric car. Meanwhile your Loxone Smart Home takes care and produces energy via the photovoltaic system. As you’re not at home, you can’t use this produced energy at the moment, but you’ll need when you come home to load up your electric car. So your Loxone Smart Home accumulates the energy into your battery. And the best, you can check this also when you’re not at home – via our free Loxone Smart Home App.

Music for everyone

With the Loxone Music Server you have the choice: play any artist, playlist, radio channel,… in any room. Seamlessly integrated in your Smart Home. With our recent updates the Music Server gets even better:

Enhanced Spotify Integration
We did a couple of improvements to the Spotify Integration of the Loxone Music Server. You are now able to use up to 6 Spotify Accounts on one Music Server. Furthermore, the improved Spotify search makes it easier to search for specific artists and albums.

Using Spotify with the Loxone Music Server allows you to listen to your favorite song in the whole house. Or listen to different songs in your kitchen, living room, bathroom,… You have enough of your music library? Listen to one of Spotify’s recommende playlist to find your new favorite song.

Improved AirPlay Streaming
You are now able to stream to multiple AirPlay Zones in your home. All the song information like title, cover and album will be transferred to and shown within the Loxone App as well.

Sounds good, right? But that’s not all.

Meet the Loxone Config Assistant

Today we proudly present you the new Loxone Config assistant system. It takes you through the initial steps of your Smart Home projects: Setting up users, passwords, rooms and more so that you can start with a clean basic setup right away.

The new assistance system is the perfect supplement to the Auto-Configuration introduced in Loxone Config 8. That way the configuration in Loxone Config gets even more intuitive.

Further improvements

This updates also offers several smaller improvements like:

  • Using the Loxone NFC Smart Tags on your Android device won’t open the App anymore. Commands will be executed in the background.
  • More safety and comfort thanks to new feature block “window monitoring”.
  • Optimized Air Performance – especially for synchronized switching of several devices.
  • And much more.

You’ll find a list of all changes in our Changelog.

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