Loxone App 7.3: Introducing the new Door and Window Protection & more

Krista Aumüller
02/16/2017 in Technology

We love Smart Homes and our mission is to offer you the best Smart Home solution! Our App Developers have created an even more powerful App to offer you an easier possibility to monitor your home. Doors and windows are vulnerable points for potential break-ins and are preferred by burglars. We recommend you to monitor these entry points, so we’ve developed the neatly Door and Window Protection Monitor and more features within the new Loxone App 7.3.


New Features At A Glance

Door and Window Protection Monitor

More Security: Door and Window Protection Monitor in the Loxone App

Check on the status of your doors and windows at any time of the day or night all on one screen. No matter where you are you’ll be able to see if a door or window at your home is open.

A Loxone Smart Home thinks for you, but if you want some extra piece of mind then this latest app update gives you exactly that.

Design Autopilots in the app based on the status of the doors and windows in your Loxone Smart Home. For example, set an Autopilot that notifies you to close the bathroom window once the humidity level has dropped below a certain point. You could also set a notification to let you know if the garage door or any of your doors or windows is open after dusk. Looking at the Door and Window Protection Monitor will reveal any open doors/windows at a glance. If you’re feeling creative, then you could even have your Loxone Smart Home play ‘Happy Birthday’ for your loved one as they get home from work on their special day.

The Bigger Picture: A New Design For Our Intercom View

We’ve given the intercom view a new layout showing you a larger camera view – especially great for your HD devices! This feature already lets you see who is at your front door at any time of the day or night, no matter where in the world you are. See who’s at the front door, speak to them and even unlock the door at the touch of the screen via a sleek new layout.


Improved Control: Better Navigation For The Music Server

Navigate Even Faster

With the Loxone Smart Home App 7.3 you can navigate through your favourite tracks even faster. From now on, you’ll be able to browse through your great music collection at a great speed. Listen to the music you want to, even quicker than before – no annoying wait time!


Status Display

As soon as you wake your Music Server from Deep Sleep Mode, you’ll be informed about this via the status display.

  • The Music Server was activated and is available via Network Pings
  • The system is running and the Communication services have been started.
  • The Music Services have been activated and the Music Server is ready.


Additional details about the changes that have been made for this latest version can be found in the Changelog.

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