Loxone Wins the 2017 NAHB Global Innovation Award!

John Wechsler
01/10/2018 in Backstage

Loxone Smart Home, the smart home solution designed for newly built homes was honored at the NAHB International Builders’ Show with the Global Innovation Award. This award recognizes the most cutting-edge, advanced, and original product offerings in the home building market. Chosen by an independent panel of judges, Loxone’s affordable and easily installed smart home solution is the 2017 Global Innovation Award Winner, as it brings the combination of design, functionality, innovation, and usefulness that builders and professionals throughout North America have been seeking.

“It is a fantastic honor to be recognized by the NAHB for the innovative smart home solution we’ve created. With the support of the NAHB and home builders alike, we are one step closer to revolutionizing the way homeowners experience and live in their homes. By taking care of hundreds of daily tasks automatically, the Loxone Smart Home brings true comfort to homeowners all around the world.”

In creating a smart home solution specifically designed for home builders and newly built homes, Loxone has strategically implemented the following:

  • An all-in one solution of over 150+ integrated products, all designed and manufactured by Loxone. Everything from lighting, heating, security, multimedia, and more, can be completed with this solution.
  • Included custom floor plan designs and expert technical support.
  • Expert Installation partners and live trainings. Private trainings available
  • Smart Home sales training for real estate professionals
  • Custom branded smart home app for builders and their communities.

No Gimmicks. Real Smart Homes

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