Your Miniserver as Nanny…?

Philipp Schuster
2nd August 2013 in Technology

The summer holidays are upon us. The kids are home from school and you’ve got to keep them busy and out of trouble. It’s a heck of a job, we know. Your rugrats will be kicking around the house until mid-September – it’d be nice to have some help, wouldn’t it? Some help in a little green box, perhaps…

Well, guess what? The Miniserver‘s here to help!

TASK 1: Wakey, wakey!

Most kids will seize the opportunity for a lie-in during the school holidays, won’t they? You can’t really blame them, either. But you also can’t have them lazing around in bed all day, can you? And you’ve got better things to be getting on with than trying to shivvy your kids out of the sack and into the shower every morning. So let your Smart Home deal with it. You could set up your multiroom audio system (like CasaTunes or Sonos) to wake them up to their favourite music (or better yet – their least favourite!). And at a volume that makes going back to sleep all but impossible. Or you could enable automatic blind control and have light flood into their bedroom at a certain time to wake them up. Or do both!

It all depends on how naughty or nice they’ve been recently, of course…

OPTION 1: Good cop…

Their blinds open slowly and gradually at the same time One Direction come over the speakers at a gradually increasing volume.

OPTION 2: Bad cop!

Your kid’s rudely awakened with a blast of Pavarotti at full blast with the blinds fully opening quickly.

TASK 2: Big (Smart) Brother is watching

So the little ‘uns are up and about, causing havoc. If it’s a nice day they might be out in the garden, kicking a ball about, playing near the pool or pond and making you slightly nervous. Well, with Loxone you needn’t worry. You could have presence sensors set up and set to a ‘Kids in the Garden’ scene that alerts you when a perimeter has been breached. So if one of them slips and ends up in the pool or sneaks into the shed or whatever it is you don’t want them doing for safety’s sake – you’ll know about it via an alarm, text or light flash, whatever. And you can then act accordingly.

Later, if everyone fancies a dip in the pool or you need to head into the shed, you just change scenes. Simple!

TASK 3: Ice work if you can get it

It’s been a lovely hot summer – a one for ice creams and lollies, without doubt. But we all know how unlikely it is that the kids are always to close the freezer door after themselves, don’t we? Nanny Miniserver to the rescue again. A 1-wire temperature sensor installed monitoring whether the temperature reaches -10°c or higher will report into the Miniserver which can then notify you using the Caller Service. Your lollies are safe!

TASK 4: Dim the idiot’s lantern

Not exactly swimming weather outside? Kids keen on a bit of telly? No problem. It’s understandable that you might not want your children glued to the TV all day long. So they won’t be! Get Loxone to regulate their gogglebox watching. You specify how long the TV stays on for and leave the rest to the Miniserver.

Say you want to limit the amount of watching to no more than 2 hours a day. When it’s switched on, the timer starts and starts running, when it’s switched off – it stops! Once the two hours is up, the television turns itself off automatically.

And there are loads of other ways you could employ your Miniserver as a nanny. Like we always say – ‘the only limit is your imagination!’