What if we told you that in just one day, your home could be smarter, safer and more energy efficient? What if you could say goodbye to worrying about whether the kids have left the lights on or if you’ve remembered to turn your hair straighteners off?

Do you ever worry about your home when you’re not in? If so, how about a notification on your smartphone if the back door was opened unexpectedly, or an instant alert to the burst pipe behind the washing machine that’s starting to flood the utility room?

It’s all possible, and it’s affordable too. The best part? There’s no wiring needed, so installation is quick and hassle free. In fact, it can be done in a day, giving you more time to concentrate on the important things in life.

A Smart Home For Everyone

No matter whether your home is a sprawling estate, a cosy cottage, a busy B&B or a compact flat, a smart home is for you. If you’re a homeowner, a landlord or a tenant, a smart home is for you. The Winter Smart Home Set offers you the quality and reliability of a professionally installed system, with all the convenience of wireless.

Take a peek inside the box and discover the features that you could be enjoying in just one day with the Winter Smart Home Set. Don’t forget, with Loxone, you’re free to add more features to your home whenever you like, simply ask your Loxone Partner.

Arriving Home

Imagine, you enter your home and walk down the hallway. As you do, the lights come on to welcome you home. Upon entering the living room, you’re greeted by soft lighting and a change in temperature – it’s noticeably warm and cosy. Thanks to your smart radiator valves, your living room is always cosy for when you return home.

With the included remote, you can effortlessly activate your ‘relaxing’ scene – the ceiling lights dim slightly and the lamp next to the sofa glows softly, creating an inviting atmosphere to put your feet up and unwind from a hectic day.

Reading in the Loxone Showhome
Cooking in the Loxone Showhome

Let’s Cook!

You head to the kitchen to make a start on dinner. As you enter the kitchen, a single tap on your touch switch activates your ‘cooking’ scene – the LED lighting strip under your kitchen cabinet glows a vivid green.

You notice your cat, Oscar, sitting on the other side of the sliding patio door and open it to let him wander in, safe in the knowledge that the heating will be automatically stopped if the door is left open.

A Restful Night’s Sleep

You decide to retire for the night. As you climb wearily into bed, you reach over and triple click the touch switch by your bed. This triple click switches all the lights off, lowers the heating and arms the alarm.

Should you wake at night to use the bathroom, the LED lighting strip around your bed will glow a soft, warm white to guide your path without disturbing your sleep. Once you’re back in bed, it will fade off automatically.

Loxone Touch Pure

What’s Included In
The Winter Smart Home Set?

Say goodbye to smart home gadgets that require multiple apps and don’t work together. The Winter Smart Home Set is a comprehensive and highly affordable solution, which enables you to enjoy smart lighting, zoned heating and security in five rooms of your home. Not only that, the set also comes with a water sensor and a smoke detector so that you can benefit from Fire & Flood notifications too.

Installation is simple and hassle-free since there’s no wiring involved. Your Loxone Partner can have your home up and running in less than one day.

Watch Emily’s Story

“I recognise the benefits of home automation, but I was overwhelmed with choices from the electrical high street stores. Loxone found my local Partner, James, online and he arranged the installation on a day of my choice. The installation actually only took a couple of hours which was great because I only had to take one day off work, and by that evening I was living in a Loxone Smart Home!”
Emily, 26, Hampshire

How To Get Your
Winter Smart Home Set

You can purchase your Winter Smart Home Set directly from our webshop, or alternatively, simply ask your local Loxone Partner to arrange everything for you. If you’d like us to help you find the perfect Partner, simply give us a call on 01183 130 140 and we’ll be happy to help.

*Price of £2,999 includes recommended installation cost of £300. The set may be purchased directly from the Loxone webshopfor £2,699 including VAT and delivery.