The Multi Extension Air Serves Up A Slice of Wimbledon

Lucinda Wood
30th June 2014 in Know How

Maybe you hate football. Maybe England’s lacklustre performance at this year’s World Cup just didn’t have enough bite…or maybe, just maybe, you’re a tennis aficionado. Either way, you’ve eagerly dashed out to Sainsbury’s to grab a punnet of strawberries and as much cream as you can carry, and now you’re settling down to an afternoon of civilised sporting, or, if you’re heading to the championships, an afternoon of queueing..!

The famous queue at Wimbledon Tennnis Ground

In the film Wimbledon, Peter’s father retreats to the tree house to catch his son’s match on an old black and white TV. Taking inspiration from this film, we’ve written a blog outlining how you too can enjoy a summer of sport wherever you are, thanks to the Miniserver and our newest extension, the Multi Extension Air.

Treehouse WimbledonTree house, summerhouse, garden shed or garage- wherever you choose to set up camp, the Multi Extension Air can too.

It communicates wirelessly with your Air Base Extension, so you can place it anywhere around your home, garden or outbuildings.

What can you do with the Multi Extension Air?

The flexibility of this extension stems firstly from its wireless capabilities, and secondly, from all of the features that have been packed inside. You can switch loads, monitor temperature, control access, connect to sensors and keypads, and more- it all depends on what you’re looking to control.

Catch up with Wimbledon wherever you are

  • Hitting the courts? Automated lighting on your tennis court means you can play from dawn until dusk and not have to worry about a large electricity bill, since the lights will only be activated whilst you’re playing. If you’ve installed an intercom as part of your Loxone system, you can see who’s at the door and let visitors in without having to leave the court.
  • Pimms O’ Clock out on the patio? Create an atmosphere with colourful lighting – using RGBW LED strips around the decking or large plant pots can be very effective.
  • Fancy cooling off by taking a dip? For those lucky enough to enjoy the pleasures of having a swimming pool, you might like to put your Multi Extension Air to work taking care of your pool. Whether you want to refill the water automatically, take care of filtration, integrate a safety alarm, or even create custom colourful lighting scenes, it can all be achieved using your Miniserver, Air Base Extension and Multi Extension Air.
  • No pool? No problem! With the help of the in-built temperature sensor and a Smart Socket Air, you can keep cool by having your fan switch on automatically when the temperature starts to rise.
  • Did you ever run through sprinklers as a child to keep cool on hot days? With the Miniserver, you can recreate those memories and ensure maximum soakage with minimum water bills.
  • Need guaranteed peace and quiet? Keep would-be interrupters out of the garage, treehouse or off the court by using iButtons, connected via 1-Wire. You control who has entry and at what times, perfect for interruption-free viewing.
  • Access control, paired with temperature monitoring, works a treat if you own a wine cellar (read: stashing a few bottles of wine at the back of the garage for a rainy day).

We’ve shown you the possibilities, now the ball’s in your court…

Want to know more about the Multi Extension Air? Head over to our website and discover what it can do for your home:

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P.S – Just a side note- the Multi Extension Air itself is not waterproof, so please don’t take it swimming or subject it to the “Great British Summer”, i.e. rain!