We Love Smart Homes, Not Gimmick-y Ones

Lucinda Wood
4th July 2013 in Know How

It’s high time we look at what living in a Smart Home is really all about, don’t you think…?

So… What is a Smart Home?

Unfortunately for us in the industry and those of you that are interested in making your castle as clever and automated as you can, the general perception of ‘The Smart Home’ is still someway off the truth. The media and ‘Futurologists’ (what a job, eh?!) usually focus on the minutiae and the stranger elements of home technology, making Home Automation occasionally seem frivolous, daft and – worst of all – a passing fad.

Some of the strange technologies we’ve heard about recently that really spike on the Gimmickometer™ include:

  • Fridges that automatically order milk when you’ve run out (?)

  • Hand-shaking robots for welcoming guests

  • Electric razors with a web interface

It’s ‘developments’ like this that presumably sell magazines and newspapers and get the website traffic but they devalue the great technological advances that are now available for our homes. A robot butler’s funnier than individual room heating control, sure, but is it more useful? And let’s be honest – 3who needs to surf the net on the thing they shave with?!

Be Different. Be Smart

That’s not to say that you can’t have a lots of weird and wonderful things going on in an automated house. If you want your fridge to order your milk for you, go ahead! If you’d rather keep things simple – fine! One of the brilliant things about automation is that you can set it up exactly the way you want to. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach. Each project is unique unto itself. Whatever level you automate to, it always comes down to one thing – a desire to make the most of your home. But useful, energy and money-saving and practical aids are what the industry’s really all about.

The Running Track or the Classroom…?

It doesn’t matter if you’re an Olympic athlete or a Nobel Prize winner, we’re all born with pretty much the same equipment and tools. The difference is what you do with your assets – how you make the most of what you have. A top athlete will focus on making his legs pump harder and faster than anyone else, whereas a Nobel winner will concentrate on his mind. But the athlete doesn’t have to be thick. And the Professor might still be a decent sprinter… Why are we going on about runners and boffins?! Well, good question – bear with us – it’s a metaphor!

Just because you’ve set your home up to really take advantage of smart lighting, that’s not to say that it can’t be just as adept and intuitive when it comes to taking care of other areas too.

Why ‘Go Smart’? Well, Why Not?!

We find ourselves saying this quite a lot. If you’re not already sold on Smart Homes, it’s probably because you don’t know much about them. We’ve just got used to our four walls and their inefficient heating and lighting and general lack of options. But once you realise that there’s a whole world of home technology out there designed to improve your life, you’ll fail to believe you lived without it for so long!

We’ve spent the last few years – since setting Loxone up – talking to thousands and thousands of people about Home Automation and we’ve yet to meet a single person who didn’t come away from our chats totally sold on the idea. And it’s not a hard sell for us. Seriously!

Warning: Once You ‘Go Smart…’

We feel it only fair to issue you a warning, though. If you’re unsure about Automation at the moment – beware. Delve into it in any detail and you’ll be entirely sold on it. And there’s no way back. Once you’re imagination has been captured, the idea of going back to The Old Way will be the furthest thing from your mind.

You never know, you might even get a real taste for it like we have. If that turns out the be the case, you can always come and work for us!

Loxone. We Love Smart Homes.

If there’s one thing that everyone here at Loxone can agree on, it’s that we love smart homes. Every day we deal with making home technology easier, more intelligent and more affordable. That’s the reason why we founded this company and it’s a journey we’re all on every day. We look forward to meeting you somewhere on the way!