Update: Loxone Config 5.1 is now available for download!

Lucinda Wood
23rd April 2014 in Technology

We’ve all returned from our Easter break, and whilst some of us are still determinedly eating the last few remaining chocolate eggs here in the Loxone office, we have hit the ground running.

As of now, the first update of Loxone Config 5 is available for download from our website. As you would expect, it contains new features and plenty of improvements and fixes. The best bit? It’s free to download.

Loxone Config 5.1 brings with it several improvements; from the revised cloud mailer, to the improved Fronius block, there are changes abound in the new release. In addition, minor bugs from the release have been ironed out.

Curious? Why not see the changes and bug fixes we have made in detail, or contact your local Loxone partner and get your free update for your home.


We look forward to your feedback on the new version!

PS: Don’t yet have a Smart Home to test our new configuration software with? Our Loxone Config has a simulation mode that allows you to test our software and extensive features!