The first Miniserver controlled Stork has landed!

Lucinda Wood
3rd August 2012 in Backstage

At Loxone we’d been musing for a while over how best to welcome the latest addition to Martin Öller (our CEO)’s family, when it struck us – the classical baby stork wasn’t smart enough. It needed a good Miniserver-based upgrade. Thus (probably) the world’s first LED Baby Stork was born:


Its Features

The stork, of course, isn’t just there to look pretty – we’ve kitted him out with a few extra functions:

“Congratulations” button

We’ve put a button on the stork which, when pressed, turns the stork green for a few seconds, before going back to blue.

Remote control with iPhone and Android

We gave the stork a WLAN router so that passers by could also pass on their congratulations digitally. You can also change the colour of the stork with the app (but only for a few minutes, it then goes back to being blue – it is a male addition to the family after all).

“Congratulations” Counter

The number of “Congratulations” sent by phone or button is counted, and displayed on the user interface.

We could have taken this even further – giving the stork an internet connection so people could send their congratulations from anywhere in the world, or setting up a caller account so the family could get a text every time the button was pressed…


At this point we’d like to congratulate the family on behalf of the whole Loxone team, and wish them a well-earned relaxing holiday.


The stork will be performing his duties over the coming days, and hopefully attract lots of passers-by. We’re looking forward to seeing how many congratulations it passes on…

Have you too done anything unusual with your Miniserver?

The Miniserver is a great tool, which works just as well outside the field of home automation – with a bit of imagination, the possibilities are endless. What unusual projects have you done with your Miniserver (or got planned)? We’d love to hear from you!