The Loxone Bluegrass Smart Home: 3 Reasons to use the Window and Door Contact

Lucinda Wood
21st November 2014 in BackstageCase Studies

With the recent cold snap across Canada and the United States, home owners need to ensure external doors and windows are prepared for the colder weather conditions.  Extreme outdoor conditions can be a costly burden and safety hazard for your home if the needed precautions are not taken.  Fortunately, Loxone provides an affordable solution to eliminate heating, security and energy issues using the Door & Window Contact Sensor.  How does this sensor provide all of these features? We will explain the functionality for these areas and how we added it in our Loxone Bluegrass Model Smart Home.  Lets get started!


Reduce Heating Costs and Ensure Comfortable Home Living

Complete comfort for family and residents is a top priority at Loxone.  Through communicating with other connected devices in your smart home, the Door & Window Contact provides the needed solutions to prevent heat loss in your home.  Here are some of the key features:

  • Monitor and send instant alerts to home owner’s phone when door or window is open or closed.
  • Activate frost protection mode when the windows open in the heating season
  • Activate overheat protection when the window is open during cooling season

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Ensure Security For Your Home And Family

In addition to heating and cooling, home security is another top priority for our customers. Through communicating with other devices on the smart home system, the contact sensors provides the following features for Security:

  • Trigger the Home Security Alarm if an intruder attempts to enter any door or window
  • Have your whole home audio reduce volume when doors or windows are left open
  • Receive an email or text alert when doors or windows are open past sunset or at any time you desire



Reduce Energy Bills For You and Your Home

Winter also accompanies higher energy bills which is an additional stress.  Once again, Loxone has the solution to this issue using the window / door contact sensor.  Here are the features which Loxone is able to reduce your energy usage while maintaining comfort:

  • Turn on and off lighting when opening pantry, closet, and room doors
  • Reduce temperature in rooms which are not being used when room door is closed
  • Confirm status on any motorized doors and close as needed from anywhere in the world

Compact, complete, and affordable, the Loxone Smart Home System allows all devices to communicate together to provide unlimited solutions for any home, apartment, or business. Let’s review how we are using the door and contact sensor in our model smart home.  In addition, the smart sensor enables automated lighting for kitchen cabinets, bedroom closets, and entire bedrooms if desired.


Using Our Door & Window Sensor In Our Model Home

In our model smart home, we installed these sensors to all exterior doors and windows as well as doors to the first floor closet and kitchen pantry.  These solutions include heating and cooling, energy efficiency, security, and home comfort purposes.  We decided to install each sensor with tape which was quick and easy to complete.  To ensure all sensors properly function, we confirmed the contact and magnet had a distance no longer than 1.37 Inches (3.5 centimeters) apart.  In your smart home project, the window/door sensor can be installed on any side of the door or window.  You can use tape or screws to ensure the contact is properly installed.

In our next article, we will review our ceiling mounted speakers and how these, along with the door and contact sensors, provide complete home security for you and your family.  Stay warm and have a great weekend!

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