‘The Heating Home’ Starring: The Loxone Miniserver

Philipp Schuster
7th November 2012 in Case Studies

Would you like your heating system at home to be smarter than smart? Have you always dreamed of a perfectly-designed, intuitive set-up that’s cost effective and simple to use? Our brand new case study, ‘The Heating Home’ shows you how Loxone can turn that dream into reality.

Room for improvement

Before having the Loxone Miniserver retrofitted in their house, the couple living in ‘The Heating Home’ were pretty unhappy about the heating situation there. Poorly insulated exterior walls and the high fuel consumption and costs associated with that was a major cause for concern. And things like having to manually adjust the radiators all the time had become a tedious, time-consuming chore.

The Miniserver helps cut bills

The couple living in The Heating Home have been letting Loxone make their heating controls easier for just over a year now. Not only have they felt the benefit in terms of comfort and ease of use, the financial advantages have been noticeably huge. In twelve months they’ve saved more than €1000. And that’s just from having their heating automated…

The landlord’s favourite: Making the heating system work shifts (just like they do)

When you and the people you share your home with work different shift patterns, you need your heating to reflect that. The couple in our case study are a great example of this. The lady of the house is a nurse and sometimes work night shifts. With just a couple of minutes spent configuring an extension to the schedule, she can extend the set times to make sure that the house is still nice and warm when she returns home from a hard night at work. Perfect.


Read more about The Heating Home and how automated heating can improve your home here. You can find out how to stop throwing money out of the window, put your heating into hibernation should you need to and even set up your own mode for parties!


So does the idea of a smart home with automated heating appeal to you? If you’d like to find out more about ‘retrofitting’ and the fantastic things that Loxone can do for your home, click here.