The Busy Family’s Guide To Life In A Smart Home

Lucinda Wood
17th November 2015 in Know How

Today we’re taking inspiration from the classic children’s book, “Five Minutes’ Peace”. It’s a story about the Large family, who happen to be elephants. Poor Mrs. Large is having a tough time trying to escape from the daily chaos caused by her three children. She attempts to sneak off to the bathroom to enjoy a long soak and eat her breakfast undisturbed, but finds herself constantly interrupted by her children.


If you have kids of your own, you’ll no doubt sympathise with Mrs. Large. A family home is a buzzing hive of activity and there are times when five minutes’ peace seems impossible.

So with that in mind, we’re taking a look at the ways in which a smart home could help Mrs. Large and her busy family.

The Bathroom

co2One of the busiest places in the home is the family bathroom. Whilst there’s no magic trick for ensuring an undisturbed soak, there are a few things Mrs. Large could enjoy from the bathroom in her smart home.

Let’s start with the humble bathroom fan. Most bathroom fans are rather noisy and can be real pain at night. In a smart home, when it’s night-time, the motion sensor picks up on someone entering the bathroom and brings the lights on at half-brightness. The fan is also on a delay, so it will only switch on if the occupant is longer than five minutes, and will switch off when they have left the room.

When the morning rolls around, the fan will run automatically to rid the bathroom completely of all the steam and humidity caused by the morning stampede.

Energie_HeizungOnce the flurry has died down, there’s often a heap of damp towels to contend with. In a smart home, the towel rail can heat up automatically at set times of day to ensure it warms and dries towels without wasting energy. It can also be ‘boosted’ at the touch of a button (either on the wall or via the app).

The Kitchen

Energie_Lichter_ausEveryone’s up and dressed and now it’s time for breakfast. If you’re hoping your smart home’s going to cook the breakfast, I’m afraid we’ve got some bad news for you. It won’t. However, it can make the mornings a little easier.

You know those dark winter mornings when you trudge downstairs for a cup of tea and a bowl of cornflakes only to get instant frostbite from stepping onto the freezing cold kitchen floor? What about feeling frazzled by the bright ceiling spotlights when you flick the light switch? No more.

By introducing ‘lighting scenes’, you can create different lighting intensities to suit the time of day. In the morning, you can reduce the brightness level of the lights or just have the under counter lights come on.

A smart home also allows you to control the underfloor heating in each room individually and automatically. This would allow you to schedule the underfloor heating in the kitchen to always be warm and toasty in the mornings.

The Hallway

icon-green-simulationAh, the humble hallway. Somehow it seems to possess its own gravitational pull for shoes, coats, bags, sports equipment and general clutter, which usually ends up scattered across the floor and making for an ideal tripping hazard.

To save Mrs. Large the daily stumble to the light switch at the other end of the hallway, presence sensors can bring the lights on automatically when she steps through the front door. If she has an electronic key or iButton on her car keys, she could simply hang them up on the magnetic key reader to activate the ‘coming home’ scene which instantly disarms the burglar alarm, adjusts the heating and fills the room with relaxing music.

Time For Bed!

Energie_Standby_KillerIt’s the end of another busy day. Mrs. Large is doing the final rounds of tucking in and reading stories before finally retiring to her bedroom for her long-awaited five minutes of peace. 

As she climbs wearily into bed, she realises the TV has been left on downstairs. No problem. A double click on the switch next to the bed activates ‘goodnight’ mode. This switches all the lights off throughout the house (except for the night light on the landing), as well as switching appliances off standby and turning off the TV in her teenager’s bedroom. Peace at last!

The Loxone Smart Home For Your Family

A Loxone Smart Home understands the hustle and bustle of family life, which is why you’ll find a system that’s easy to use, keeps your family safe, and adapts as your family grows. There is a huge range of features you can implement into your home to suit the way you and your family live.

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