A Couple of Spanish Smart Home Examples

Philipp Schuster
21st November 2013 in Case Studies

We love our Case Studies here at Loxone. It’s fantastic to see our system making people’s homes that much better and find out what cool and interesting things our partners have come up with. But not only that – short of seeing one in the flesh – it’s the best way to demonstrate to you lovely people out there just how Loxone can smarten up any building. We’ve got two new Smart Home examples to show off to you here, both from Spanish partners: the beautiful Hotel Calma Blanca and the equally stunning Villa Azure. As you can probably tell from their names though, neither are traditional ‘homes’ as such…


In the picturesque village of Cadaques, to the East of the country, Hotel Calma Blanca has just opened to the public to rave reviews. They’ve really gone all out with some top drawer holiday home automation here. Guests can really feel like they’re getting ‘that little bit extra’ when they stay here. Installed by our partner, Domotica Control, from the nearby town of Sant Pere Pescador, this 4 star place is the ultimate Iberian getaway.

Room Lighting,es


Over on the Balearic party island of Ibiza, Eurotec have automated the charming holiday home of Villa Azure. One of the neatest things about this installation is how much control the owner has from afar. He can monitor and make changes to the set-up to such a degree that his actual attendance there is hardly ever necessary. As he lives on the mainland, this saves considerable amounts of time and money. Great for his business!

Having control at all times allows the owners to manage the facilities remotely too, ensuring that everything is running smoothly and being able to take action if something comes up quickly and effectively. How? Well, through the web interface and the smartphone and tablet apps. They can tell the owners the status of each room’s climate, lighting, audio, security, whatever’s set up.

Villa Azure - Loxone

One of the other main reasons that the owners of these holiday homes were so keen to automated their vacation spots is customer service. They want to ensure that their guests feel as at home and comfortable as possible and don’t miss anything about being at home.


As with any Smart Home installation, the main things are taken care of: lighting, heating, security, music, etc., etc. But it’s often the little, seemingly frivolous details, that make being in a Smart Home truly special. Every detail is important in this hotel…

DSC_4543 - Copy,ro

iButtons can be – excuse the pun – key to the way access works in these kinds of ‘public’ buildings. They certainly are here in these Spanish hotels. Obviously, the owners can’t allow everyone access to everything (especially each other’s rooms!), so iButtons are very useful. They’re also ideal for allowing, or not allowing, access to special ‘paid for’ areas such as spas.

There are all sorts of other smart features in these two holiday home installs, not just the ones we’ve mentioned here. You can discover all about them in the case studies themselves…

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Enjoy the read!