The Best Products For Smart Security & Safety In Your Home

Lucinda Wood
2nd August 2017 in Technology

Thinking about installing a smart home security system? Here are the products and features you can’t afford to miss!

This month we’ll be taking a look at several Loxone products that can form part of your smart security setup. We’ll also look at some of the features that you can enjoy by integrating these products into your smart home.

Loxone Door & Window Contact Air

Door & Window Contacts are a key part of smart security. They keep track of which doors and windows are open and can alert you if you’ve left one open, or if a window or door is opened whilst you’re away from home. By tying your door and window contacts into your Loxone system, you can specify what you want to happen in the event of an unexpected entry, such as triggering a phone call.

If you have motorised windows (or even doors), your Loxone Smart Home can be set up to close these for you automatically – for example, your garage door could be closed automatically at dusk or if you’ve left it open for longer than 30 minutes.

Even if you do happen to leave the back door wide open, all is not lost. This is where your motion sensors can act as a second defence. Upon sensing movement, they can do a range of things including triggering an alarm and sending you a notification.

Loxone Motion Sensor

Small though it may be, the motion sensor is a key part of a smart home. Just like with a traditional burglar alarm, the motion sensor can watch for movement and sound the alarm if someone’s in the house when they shouldn’t be.

Motion sensors are not just useful for your alarm though, the same motion sensor can be used to bring lights and music on automatically upon entering a room and turn them off when everyone’s left.

Loxone Glass Break Sensor

A glass breakage sensor does what it says on the tin: monitors glass windows and doors for break-ins. It does this by tracking vibrations. If someone were to strike the window, the force of the hammer hitting the window (even if the window does not shatter) will signal your home to sound the alarm.

Loxone Music Server

You may wonder why we’ve chosen a music product as one of our top security products. The Music Server has a very important role to play in your smart alarm setup.

Traditional alarm systems have a siren sounder on the outside of the house, which has two key benefits: acting as a visual deterrent for would-be trespassers, but also for sounding the alarm and notifying the neighbours… that’s if they’re not all out at work.

The Music Server allows you to take the siren inside.

When someone breaks into your home, the most important thing to do is to get them out again as quickly as possible. This becomes especially important if you or a member of your family happen to be at home at the time.

You can blast loud music, a siren sound or even a recording of your voice at the intruder in either the zone that they’re in or throughout the whole house. In addition, with a smart lighting system, you can flash the lights throughout the house too – the loud music and flashing lights together make your home very conspicuous – and therefore unappealing to burglars.

Loxone Water Sensor Air

If your home is new, you may have spent hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds on new flooring, carpets and furniture for your home. Even if your home is not newly built, chances are you may have treasured items inside it that are irreplaceable. The Water Sensor Air is a wireless, compact little device that helps you keep all your treasured items safe from water damage – after all, a burst pipe or leaking washing machine can cause considerable damage in a very short space of time.

You can put the water sensor anywhere around your home, however, it tends to be used in laundry rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, boiler rooms and even basements. Reason being, that’s usually the place where accidents involving water are likely to occur.  As soon as the sensor detects water, it signals the Miniserver to sound the alarm.

Loxone Smoke Detector Air*

Using its professional measurement system with 16 sensors, the Smoke Detector Air safely and reliably detects smoke, issuing a warning in emergency situations. The intelligent smoke measurement also takes into account fluctuations in temperature.

We know the advice: test your smoke alarm regularly and change the battery every year. But how many of us really remember to do so? The Miniserver checks the battery of the Smoke Detector daily and can send you an alert when the battery needs to be changed.

On a side note, if you’d like to set up reminders to check your smoke alarm, chat to your Loxone Partner. You can receive either a push notification or an email from your Miniserver reminding you to test your smoke alarms.

*Building regulations in the UK require mains-powered interlinked smoke detectors to be installed in new builds and houses undergoing renovations, including extensions. Smoke detectors must be installed in such a way as to detect and alert to smoke at an early stage. The Smoke Detector Air and other products in our Air range have been developed specifically for retrofitting into existing homes. If you are unsure as to whether a Smoke Detector Air fits your needs, please get in touch with us.

Loxone Air

As you’ll have noticed, most of the products listed are from our ‘Air’ range. Loxone Air is a wireless technology designed to offer the same reliable, powerful automation as a wired Loxone Smart Home, but with the convenience of wireless.

There’s no need to decide between wired or wireless either. With an Air Base Extension or a Miniserver Go, you can integrate your wireless Loxone Air products into your existing wired Loxone system.

‘All Off’

All Off’ is easily one of the most popular features of a Loxone Smart Home; it’s ideal for streamlining your routine.

By placing a switch by the front door, you can simply triple tap the switch when you’re leaving the house and the house will go into a sleep mode. This could include:

Lowering the heating

Switching off all the lights

Switching off any devices on standby such as TVs or hair straighteners

Arming the burglar alarm

Presence simulation

We’re away from home much more than we used to be; roughly one in three British households is headed by adults who both work full-time. This makes the hours of 10am-3pm the most popular for break-ins, as there’s a good chance that the house in unoccupied. So, how can you protect your home when you’re not there, or even when you’re away on holiday?

Presence simulation is a great feature for those who want peace of mind when they’re away from home. Put simply, your home will simulate occupancy in your home by switching lights on and off in different rooms of the house, opening and close blinds or curtains and even playing music. This pattern is based on your usual daily routine so nothing is out of the ordinary.

Check in via the Loxone app

Want to check in on your home from afar? The Loxone app is just what you need. Simply open up the app to check if you’ve left a window open, turned the iron off, or if the kids have arrived home safely, for example. You can also take action directly from the app such as switching off appliances or lower the heating (if you dare!).

Immediate notifications

A professionally installed smart home with smart safety and security features gives you peace of mind knowing that if potential trouble is detected, you and anyone else that needs to know will be immediately notified via an email, push notification or a call straight to your phone. You can then take complete control of what to do next to minimise potential loss or damage to your possessions.

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