The Smart Home vs. The Dumb Home

Philipp Schuster
10th April 2013 in Know How

Smart Homes. Not-so-smart homes. Whose side are you on? Are you in the red corner still dwelling in a more traditional property sans the latest in home technology? Or are you in the green corner enjoying kicking back in a fully automated and intelligent home? And which is better? Well, in order to find out we pitted the two of them against each other in a five round bout. And we don’t think you’ll be overly surprised to hear whose hand we’ll be holding up in glorious victory… Well, we were never going to be the most objective panel of judges, were we?!

FIGHTSeconds out! *DING DING!*

Round 1: Thermostats vs. Intelligent Heating

Wall-mounted thermostats allow close control over temperature, but cannot adjust themselves independently. And they can’t be altered remotely. Smart heating setups can though. They can also allow heating to be ‘zoned’, meaning rooms can be adjusted individually via a smartphone or tablet app (or browser). You can also keep accurate billing and usage info with smart heating, allowing for much better analysis of your own energy spending.

How they score: Smart Homes 10 – 7 Dumb Homes

Round 2: Burglar Alarms vs. Loxone Security Alarms

Sophisticated traditional alarm systems work very well, however, they can be extremely expensive. One of the best parts of hooking up an intruder alarm with Loxone is that you needn’t purchase any extra equipment – you can just utilise components that are already in place. Lights, sounds systems, blinds, whatever you want. You can also set up automated calls/texts/emails to be triggered so you or a nominated person can be notified of any disturbance. Normal alarms can also be slightly fiddly to arm and unarm too. Our system can be configured so that a button or switch does the job – setting it in just seconds!

How they score: Smart Homes 10 – 8 Dumb Homes

Round 3: Lighting Scenes vs. Light Switches


Messy lights

Do you really need a wall full of light switches? Or is that just dumb…?

With smart lighting, you can take absolute control over your lighting. Specific pre-saved scenes at the touch of a button, ‘all-off’ central functions, LED colour selector wheels on your smartphone, precise dimming, motion-triggered lighting, timed lighting, weather/brightness-triggered lighting levels, you name it. In comparison, dumb homes don’t get much dumber than when you’re dealing with lighting. It’s just ‘on’ or ‘off’!

How they score: Smart Homes 10 – 7 Dumb Homes

Round 4: Stereos vs. Multi-room Audio

We’ve had single room audio for ages now, haven’t we? Isn’t it about time we pushed things on a little bit? We think so. Wireless multi-room music that’s controlled remotely and based in one location that can play different MP3s, CDs, radio stations – whatever you like – in up to twelve different rooms. That’s what we’re talking about. Volume, tracks and stations can be controlled via light switches, touch panels, iPads, all sorts. Incorporating music into other areas of your home such as in party lighting scenes and burglar alarms? No problem. Better than traditional audio set-ups? Of course!

How they score: Smart Homes 10 – 7 Dumb Homes

Round 5: Remote control Central vs. An automated Home Cinema



A table full of controls? We’re not remotely interested…

The great thing about Loxoning your Home Cinema is that you can continue to use all of the expensive gear that you’ve already spent a lot of money on. You can just use it more efficiently and cleverly than before! Connect up all your systems to the Miniserver and you never need to worry about which remote control, television channel or which cable or HDMI/VGA input you need. Just dive into your Loxone app, select your pre-configured scene and you’re away! Dumb homes are really on the ropes now…

How they score: Smart Homes 10 – 9 Dumb Homes

Final points score: Smart Homes 50 – 38 Dumb Homes

Convinced by the judges’ decision? Simply pick up a Miniserver to smarten up your dumb home and become a heavyweight Automation champion today! We might not have any big gold belts for you wear, but we do have some rather snazzy new Loxone apparel – check out our Loxone fan shirts!