Smart Home Living: Barlow Homes Introduces Loxone Home Automation in a Model Home

Lucinda Wood
24th July 2014 in Case Studies

Barlow Homes and Loxone have recently partnered to bring home automation to the new Ellerslie at Delong neighborhood. Located near Jacobson Park on the south side of Lexington, this picturesque model home contains Loxone Smart Home technology allowing complete comfort and control.


Not only beautifully constructed, this home is energy efficient and features smart heating and cooling controlled by Loxone. The climate in each room is customized to the home owner’s specific comfort level. The system can even be maintained, altered and controlled remotely through the Loxone Smart App! This saves the home owner energy costs when he or she is away.

For instance, Loxone will go into energy saving mode 15 minutes after the home owner leaves for work and will switch back 15 minutes prior to arrival.  This saves the home owner money since high energy usage is not needed during the day.

BLOG - Living Room

In addition to heating and cooling, this attractive home also features Loxone automated indoor and outdoor lighting.  From the stunning chandeliers in the dining room to the LED lighting in the kitchen, this home features a variety of lighting options provided by Loxone.  This home owner will be able to set the mood with custom lighting scenes.  Whether it’s dimming the lights or changing the color for the perfect atmosphere, the home owner has full control of their lighting needs.

BLOG - Kitchen

BLOG - Kitchen dimmer

Loxone smart lighting and climate control are two of many options available for ANY home at a cost effective price. This system gives a great amount of comfort and control to the home owner and can be easily expanded to include: Home Security, Audio/Video, Irrigation, and even Pool Control! One roof, one solution: Loxone

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