Stammtisch: Smart Home Self Build Event

Philipp Schuster
26th February 2014 in Backstage

Are you planning to embark on a self build project, are renovating a property or maybe have already got your sleeves rolled up and are in the thick of it? Then this is for you – We would like to invite you to come along to the Loxone Self Build Stammtisch, to share our knowledge about Smart Homes with you, answer any questions you may have and help you make the most of your project.

What is a Stammtisch?

Self Build

The word Stammtisch comes from our Austrian heritage and directly translated means “regulars table”. A Stammtisch is not a formal and structured meeting, but rather a friendly get together, where like minded people can exchange ideas.

The Loxone Self Build Stammtisch

At our Self Build Stammtisch everything revolves around building Smarter Homes for a brighter future in the UK. Philipp Schuster the MD of Loxone UK and avid self builder explains:

  • What constitutes a Smart Home?
  • What are the benefits of building Smart?
  • What needs to be considered during the building process?
  • How does a Smart Home work?
  • How much does a Smart Home cost?

One thing we can tell you for certain even before this event. Once you know the potential of a Smart Home, you will never want to live in a Dumb Home again. We will explore and explain all the benefits, including intelligent heating control, management of ventilation systems to save energy as well as lighting scenes, multi-room audio and integrated security systems…
For more information simply come along.

You want answers? We want your questions!

“Smart Discussions” is the motto of the event. The talk is just the start. Philipp Schuster and members from our project team will be at hand to answer all your questions and help you plan your very own home. Please bring along your floor plans and make the most of this opportunity to get all your questions answered. Only one question remains….

When and Where?

Self Build Stammtisch on the 24th March at 7:00pmThe Stammtisch will be held on Monday 24th March starting at 7pm:

Ye Olde Leathern Bottel 
221 Barkham Road
RG41 4BY

The event is of course FREE of charge, but to make sure everyone has got space we would ask you to please let us know if you are planning to come along by either giving us a call on 01183 130140, sending us an email to [email protected] or simply filling out the registration form.

Can’t make it or live too far away?

Our project team is here to help you everyday! So if you want us to help you realise the full potential of your home, then head over to our website and book in for a free web-based or face-to-face project consultation!