Summer Holidays Are In Sight! 6 Sizzling Reasons to Automate Your Home This Summer

Lucinda Wood
15th July 2014 in Know How

That time of year is upon us again. The season of plane delays, sunburnt noses and drinks with little umbrellas, or if you’re staying a little closer to home…collapsing tents, muddy wellies and armies of wasps.

Whether it’s vacation or staycation, the one thing you don’t want to worry about when you’re on holiday is what’s going on at home. Did you remember to lock the back door? Has your neighbour remembered to water the plants and feed the cat, or will you come home to some very sad looking begonias and a very hungry Tiddles?

Time to stop worrying and start automating! Let’s take a look at how a smart home can help you to enjoy a more relaxed holiday.

1. Ensure that everything is closed


Packing: the bane of all holidays. There’s so much to remember, and no matter how early you start, you’re still rushing around at the last minute and trying to remember if you’ve packed all the essentials. It’s only once you’re in the car on the way to the airport that doubt starts creeping into your mind. Be honest, how many times have you asked yourself these questions when you leave home?

  • Were all the windows closed?
  • The garage door was closed, right?
  • Have I remembered to lock the back door?
  • The oven’s off. I didn’t use it this morning. Or did I? Must be off.

With a smart home, there’s no need to turn around and head back to check. Simply open up the app on your iPhone or Android device and you’ll instantly be able to see what’s been left open and what’s been securely locked. You can also switch off lights, appliances and heating remotely.

2. Power down appliances


In an automated house there are several possibilities for controlling your appliances. Are you always worrying if the hair straighteners and iron have been unplugged? In a smart home, you can monitor these appliances remotely, switch them off if needed and record how much energy they are using. Don’t want the hassle of having to check your phone every time you go out? Simply program your Miniserver to automatically disable specific sockets (like the iron) when you leave the house…simple.

Wireless technology greatly facilitates this aspect of home automation, since it removes the need for wiring behind sockets. By simply plugging in a Smart Socket Air, you can switch any appliance on and off remotely and monitor how much energy it is using.

3.) Save Energy

energy saving

By creating a scene called “Holiday” you can avoid unnecessary energy expenditure whilst you’re away. All you need to do is open up the app and choose the ‘Holiday’ function.

  • The boiler turns off the heating and hot water.
  • All lights, especially those we typically forget, like in the hallway, staircase or garage etc. are turned off.

4.) Control Access

Access control

You’re miles from home and receive an email from Amazon advising that your parcel’s due for delivery. What do you do?

Installing an intercom, such as the Loxone Intercom, gives you the flexibility to ‘answer’ your door, even when you’re not at home. You can see and speak to whoever’s on your doorstep through your iPhone or Android. If it’s the delivery man, you can open the garage door to let him leave your parcel in a safe place. If it’s a neighbour or relative, you can open the door to let them in…all without having to get up from your sun lounger.

5.) Enable The Alarm


A smart home uses sensors and window and door contacts to detect intruders. To find out which sensors we recommend you install, check out the Loxone Standard. If an intruder or unexpected visitor is detected, you’ll receive a call directly to your smartphone, letting you know what’s happening, so you can react quickly and call the police.

You can use your existing outputs to create a custom alarm system: imagine flashing lights, blaring audio, and curtains opening when the alarm is triggered. It doesn’t cost you anything, but could save you everything!

6. Presence Simulation

Simulation presence

During the holidays, we often worry if the house is safe from burglars whilst we’re away. To combat this, you can enable your system to create a presence simulation.

Let’s face it: shutting the curtains and leaving a light on whilst you’re away makes it pretty obvious that you’re not there and costs you a fortune in electricity.

If you choose to automate your home with Loxone, the Miniserver will record your movement for seven days, noting when blinds are opened and closed and when lights are switched on and off (and for how long). Once you leave for your holiday, the house will reproduce these movements, giving the impression that it’s business as usual at home.

 Has a smart home made your holiday more relaxing?  Leave a comment!