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Loxone Support CommunityCategory: Loxone ConfigHikVision CCTV Live Feed
2 years ago
HikVision CCTV Live Feed

Hi everyone, Im new to Loxone, so please bear with me.

I am knoledgeable on cctv, IP Address etc.

Im trying to add a local Ip camera into Loxone to be able to view a LIVE FEED only.

I have tried the following:

Also tried enetering the IP cameras username and password with no luck.

I know i have to change the sub stream to MJPEG which i have done also.

Any help would be great thankyou.

4 Answers
2 years ago

Hi Callum,

I’m using this URL to integrate the Live feed of my Hikvision camera: http://[IP-address]/Streaming/channels/102/httpPreview

replace [IP-address] with the IP of your camera.

Best regards,


2 years ago

Thanks Michiel,
Ill give this a go tomorrow.

Do you know what it might be if i was to stream a feed from a camera connected to a nvr?

2 years ago

Tried this morning, and just getting a blank screen. Would i have to build the username and password into the link?

2 years ago

Hi Callum,

not sure if youve solved this yet but see attached PDF with all the URL string formats for video feeds and picture snapshots.

ive integrated multiple now both for the stream and snapshot on the doorcontroller so if you get stuck just shout and i’ll be happy to help but the document should get you up and running


2 years ago

Massive thankyou, will give this a go 🙂

2 years ago

Hi Aaron,
Been trying today and still no luck:

http://admin:[email protected]:80/Streaming/channels/102/httpPreview

It looks like it goes to load but then just a black screen.
Its a HikVision Camera and substream set to MPJEG

2 years ago

Hi everyone,

Do you have video when you are out? When you are not in your Lan. I tried to do this with http: // clouddns: 8090 / ISAPI / Streaming / channels / 102 / httpPreview. Unfortunately I am getting the error: "errorld: PluginError"

2 years ago

This is based on your Hikvision cameras being directly connected to the NVR. I’m on my phone so appollogies in advance.
1) set your NVR up with a static IP for this example:
2) From within the NVR goto: Configuration>Network>Advanced Settings>Other. find the tick the box named "Enable Virtual Host" then click Save (This allows you to connect directly into each camera).
3) Now from within the NVR goto system >camera management >ip camera and your see the web address to log into to each IP camera on the far right of the screen.. (Note the port number in the Web address as it corresponds to the ethernet port on the rear of the NVR.)
for example: would relate to the camera in port 1 would relate to the camera in port 2
once you click on the web address of each camera and your be able to then login directly to the IPcamera.
From here you need setup substream as MJPEG and save.
4) if your customer is using the Hik connect app aswell setup another user on each camera with limited rights before exiting.
5) on Loxone config add a custom door controller in the setting add your cameras username and password.. in the internal video box insert
6) if you want to access the cameras externally you will need to add port forwarding rules for each camera port in your router then you can use the loxone dns services as follows http://clouddns:65001/ISAPI/streaming/channels/102/httppreview
1) Hikvision substreams only support http and ipv4 so if your using gen2 miniserver you might want to use a separate dns service.
2) only 1 person can view the substream at once so if your using it as a door controller the first person to login will be to view the stream.
3) if you have plug and play setup for your cameras on the NVR then you have given the NVR admin rights to your cameras… This can be annoying as the NVR can sometimes change the substream back to h264 randomly. This can also happen when using the Hik connect app so its best to manally add cameras to the NVR using a User with limited rights as i mention in step 4