LEATHWAITE ® are a Surrey-based property development and construction company, with a focus on creating low-energy, contemporary homes that are built for modern living. LEATHWAITE ® have partnered with Loxone to offer intelligent and sustainable smart homes, in a market where there is great demand for this technology.

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Award-winning property development and construction company LEATHWAITE ® specialises in the development of low-energy contemporary homes. Committed to building new homes that are thoughtfully designed for the modern lifestyle, LEATHWAITE® pride themselves on keeping their environmental impact to a minimum. This is achieved by adopting a ‘fabric-first’ approach to the construction of sustainable homes, employing passive principles supported by the latest technology that result in an A Rating for Energy Efficiency of all of their new homes.

The company adopt a fabric first approach to construction and specialise in ICF (Insulating Concrete Framework) build method, with over fifteen years’ experience in designing and constructing sustainable, high-performance homes that last a lifetime. Not only does ICF construction allow for the fast erection of these, but also the achievement of A Rating for Energy Performance and CO2 emissions of new homes or the Passivhaus Standard.

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We are excited to partner with Loxone as the smart home system of choice for our new homes. As a developer who builds homes to the highest standard of energy efficiency, we are committed to achieving A Rating energy efficiency for all of our new homes. Loxone provides the level of control and automation needed for the core heating, ventilation and renewable technologies employed in our homes.

The contemporary design and modern architecture of our homes reflect the high performance and innovation of them also. The implementation of Loxone for other systems in addition to energy management, including; lighting, security, access control and AV integration means that we can further position our homes as market leading through the use of the latest home automation technology.

We really like the flexibility of Loxone and its ability to integrate with a variety of other systems, thus eliminating the need for other automation systems. Our clients love it too – the Loxone App is a great hit!

Simon Rogers

Finance & Marketing Director, LEATHWAITE ®


Located in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, known as the Surrey Hills, is one of the most recent projects undertaken by LEATHWAITE®. ‘Skyridge’ is a unique and innovative five-bedroom detached sustainable home that blurs the boundaries between architectural beauty and smart home technology; offering the very best in sustainable, luxury living.

The project also received a Guildford Design Award in November 2017, being commended for its environmental sustainability.

Exterior of Skyridge Sustainable Home in rural setting.

The high specification of Skyridge meant that there were several core utility components that needed some form of control. Without an integrated automation system, this would have been a usability nightmare for the homeowners, having to control many devices regularly throughout each day just to keep the house warm, bright and comfortable.

Loxone has provided the intelligence to efficiently manage these components and systems through complete automation. This means that the home looks after itself with minimal user interaction. Boasting automation of lighting, access, security, heating, ventilation, music and AV, Skyridge showcases the benefits of a single holistic solution – not only in terms of convenience for the homeowner, but for sustainability too.

Omid Nikroo

Key Accounts Director, Loxone


This gallery provides an example of the standard of work completed by LEATHWAITE ®, and how they combine sustainable and luxury living in their contemporary homes.

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