Our newest config update adds even more improvements and safety features

Philipp Schuster
26th November 2012 in Technology

The very first update for the Loxone Autumn ‘12 config release is now available to download. The update prepares the Loxone Config for the soon-to-be-updated Loxone apps and injects even more security into everything with a brand new encryption method. We’ve also ironed out a couple of minor bugs that sneaked their way into the initial release.

The changes include:
  • Preparation for new apps
  • New secure password encryption for the Miniserver (HMAC-SHA1)
  • New Pico-C functions (getxmlvalue, getcpuinfo, getheapusage, getmaxheap, getspsstatus, local webservice)
  • Fixed: Setting and storing in ‘compress statistics’
  • Fixed: Transparency in icon editor corrected
  • Fixed: Blind block loses position after reboot / power cut
  • Fixed: Analogue value monitoring
  • Fixed: Loxone news now displayed in the web interface
  • Fixed: Potential memory leak in the use of print-f Pico-C
  • Fixed: Bug in the web interface with a long click

This update is recommended for all users of Loxone Config Autumn ’12 release.