Our First UK Case Study!

Philipp Schuster
31st January 2013 in Case Studies

We thought it was about time we put together another one of our Loxone case studies. As a visitor to our site, you may well have read one or two of our in-depth examples already. We like to think that these real-life examples help demonstrate how a Miniserver can improve your home and add an extra dimension to it. The theory is all well and good, but we all like to see it put into practice, don’t we? Up until now though, all of our case studies have been from our continental users. While of course the technology and principles are the same, we thought we’d bring you a UK example so you can really imagine what Loxone could do in your home. So here it is!


In this newest case study, we’re looking at the home of a young Berkshire couple and how Home Automation works for them and improves their day-to-day life. We explore how they get the most out of their lighting with different lighting scenes and modes, how they save money with intelligent ‘room-by-room’ heating control and even how their room works as an alarm clock! We also find out why remote controls are a thing of the past in their house and discover an innovative new way to deter intruders.

Control –  à la mode

Pre-programmed modes save the couple so much time and effort around the house. A great example of this is when they’re heading out on a Friday evening for a weekend away somewhere. Their cleverly-entitled ‘Weekend Away’ mode usefully:

  • Turns off their lights
  • Checks all windows are shut
  • Sets the burglar alarm
  • Turns down their heating
  • Turns off power to all heat-based appliances (like hair straighteners, irons and things)

The Owner’s Favourite: Oops! Left a window open…

Security is always paramount when you leave home for any length of time. But it can be easy to forget to check the whole house when you’re rushing out the door, can’t it? And as an open window is an open invitation to burglars, it can prove a costly mistake not to shut all windows before you go. With Loxone, the couple no longer need to worry about leaving opportunities to be would-be thieves. Window sensors mean that they can check which windows are open on their smartphones at any time.

“With Loxone we never need to frantically run around the place checking if we’ve remembered to shut all the doors and windows before we go out. The answer’s always in the palm of our hand…”

Furthermore they’ve also got a handy ‘Going Out’ function they can enable via a switch next to their front door. One press of that and Miniserver checks all windows and texts them if any are left open. Perfect!

Do you know of a Loxone home that you think might make for an interesting case study? Why not let us know about it?