New: Weather Station and Blind Motor Air

Tyron Cosway
11th July 2017 in Technology

The weather…we’ve all complained about it at one point or another. Enter the Loxone Weather Station.

The UK specifically has some interesting weather… A hot summer’s day one minute and you’re reaching for your brolly the next. This notorious unreliability brings with it a few challenges, to say the least.

Will it be okay to leave that upstairs window open while you’re at work? Should you risk setting up the BBQ this evening? Is it time to pack away the kids’ splash pool or fold up the lawn chairs? It would be great if we could look into a crystal ball and know for sure what the weather will be like at the exact location of our home at any given time… Well, to get as close as possible to that kind of information, we’ve added the Weather Station to our lineup. This all-in-one weather station relays any and all short-term weather conditions and changes to your Loxone Smart Home for an even more intelligent home. Rain, wind, sun, snow – the weather station will know about it and let you know when it matters – or even take action for you if need be.

So what about predicting possible changes in the weather too? Well, the Weather Station doesn’t just know immediately when there is a change, it also has access to the Loxone Weather Service with data such as the perceived temperature local to your area; the forecasted dew point, air pressure, wind direction, wind speed, solar irradiation and more.
That’s a pretty powerful combination of data. So say goodbye to guessing what the weather is about to do next and say hello to the Weather Station. Having all this information on hand is one thing, it is what your home does with it that could make the world of difference…

Say you’ve just laid a new lawn or recently gone on a shopping spree at your local garden centre so that garden bed along the back wall is looking like it should be a contender for next year’s Chelsea Flower Show… One of the crucial parts to keep your garden looking good is water. Whether from an irrigation system or mother nature, getting a good watering schedule in place is key. With a Loxone Smart Home, this can be taken care of for you. Your home will know when rain is expected and can adjust irrigation schedules accordingly – ensuring you don’t waste water while your foliage gets all the hydration it needs.

How about that roof window that is great to leave open for fresh air but is the first thing you dash to when the skies start to open? Well, having it automated as part of your Loxone Smart Home means you’ll never have to worry about it being left open – if the Weather Station detects precipitation then it will close the window for you.

Keen for this level of intelligent automation in your self-build or existing home? We are releasing the Weather Station for both Air and Tree so it’s perfect for new builds and retrofitters.

Precise weather data for any application

Your Loxone Smart Home won’t leave anything to chance. The Weather Station coupled with the Weather Service gathers data for up to 66 hours in advance so that your home has the best chance of being prepared for mother nature’s good days and bad days and everything in between. All this information is localised to the exact location of your home for the best possible results.

Automatic Shading:
Blinds which follow the course of the sun

Like VHS tapes and half pennies, overheated rooms and sun damaged furniture will be a thing of the past. With such detailed weather data your home will be able to intelligently control the blinds in your home: closing them when it gets too hot, adjusting the slats to still let in some natural light while on the colder days to keep heating costs low, your home can open the blinds when it senses a bit of sunshine to harness some natural warmth.

Storm Protection:
Damage to awnings be gone

Short-term changes in the weather are no longer a threat to your exterior furnishings like motorised retractable awnings. Having these connected to your Loxone Smart Home means when the wind picks up or the temperature is getting a bit frosty – threatening to damage the awning or motor – then the awning will be retracted.

The Grass Is Greener:
Irrigation that isn’t an irritation

From now on, you can look forward to a lush green lawn. With the Weather Station – coupled with the Loxone Weather Service – your home has access to data that will take all the irritation out of planning your irrigation. If rain is due or it has rained in the last 12 hours, why waste water watering the garden? If it’s going to be a hot day and no rain is forecast then let’s water the garden at a time that makes sense, like first thing in the morning.

Even More Uses:
Endless possibilities

Take it a step further with this powerful weather duo… How about having the colour lighting in the hallway turn to blue in the morning if rain is forecast. That way you’ll know to bring in the washing from the line before you head off to work, take your raincoat or close that window. You could also have the lights show orange if it’s going to be a particularly sunny day so you remember to put some drinks in the fridge for a cheeky sundowner on the patio when you get home from work.

Venetian Blind Motor

Blind Motor Air

It might not happen as much as we would like in the UK but when we do have those hot days it can get mighty warm inside. Apart from the damage, this can cause to furniture, it’s not pleasant to be stuck inside on a hot day in a country that opts for radiators over air con. With the Blind Motor Air, your Loxone Smart Home can shut out most of the heat by closing the blinds on the windows that are facing the sun at any given time – all without you having to lift a finger.

In fact, leave the opening and closing of your blinds entirely up to Loxone. Your blinds will not only be automated based on weather but also the time of day, presence, whether the lights are on, to mimic presence if you’re on holiday, etc.

Are you in the midst of planning your self-build or getting ready to renovate your existing home? Either way, the Blind Motor Air is a fantastic solution. Thanks to our revolutionary wireless technology, Loxone Air, these blinds are specifically designed to be integrated into a Loxone Smart Home. You’ll enjoy complete control of your blinds from the Loxone Smart Home app or just leave the automation up to your smart home according to the course of the sun, time of day, etc.

Loxone Smart Home Ready

Full Integration:
Loxone Smart Home Ready

Both the Weather Station and Blind Motor Air carry the ‘Loxone Smart Home Ready’ mark. This means they have been specifically developed for use in a Loxone Smart Home – offering maximum functionality with seamless integration – making the installation that much easier.

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