New: Touch Pure. Exclusivity has a name.

Tyron Cosway
3rd September 2016 in Technology

Exclusive, elegant, minimal – three words that describe the Loxone Touch Pure. The Loxone Pure range includes carefully selected, high quality materials, offering a sleek appearance that is pleasing to the eye – meeting the high-end esthetic standards of elegant and sophisticated living.

The sleek design boasts a hardened glass facade with a smooth satin finish – still incorporating Loxone’s smart home technology.

The idea behind our Pure range is to allow you to incorporate our smart home technology more seamlessly into your home – offering a more design-friendly and luxurious finish compared to our traditional Touch devices.

Loxone Touch Pure

New: Loxone Touch Pure – Contemporary Design, Intelligent Control!

Our popular Touch button is now available in an elegant, frameless 3D design with a sensitive, high-quality, real glass surface – all carefully processed into a design-friendly wall panel. Giving you the ability to control your lighting, blinds, music and more – all with a gentle touch.

Loxone Touch Pure Tree

With the Pure, there is more than meets the eye. The Touch Pure Tree and Touch Pure Air house humidity and temperature sensors allowing you to embrace autopilot living making sure the temperature in the room never drops below your desired temperature. The Touch Pure Tree and Touch Pure for Nano also feature an orientation light to gently show you where the controller is in the dark.

Further information about the Touch Pure Tree, Touch Pure for Nano and the Touch Pure Air can be found on our website.

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