New: LED Accessories Pack For RGBW & Warm White LED Strips

Lucinda Wood
11th November 2015 in Technology

We’ve got new products pouring into our webshop at the moment! Another new product this week is our LED accessories set, which we think you’ll agree is a great addition to the shop.

If you’re used to installing LED strips, you’ll probably be familiar with the pain of having to solder strips together. Thanks to the new accessories set, soldering is a thing of the past. With the LED accessory set, you can now simply clip your LED strips together, saving time and effort.

LED Strip Accessories Set

Our new set is available for RGBW and Warm White LED strips and each set includes:

  • 5x straight couplers for easy connection of 2 LED strips
  • 5x flexible couplers for installing LED strips around a corner
  • 5x supply connectors for connection to the RGBW 24V Dimmer DMX or Air

Important: please note that maximum of 10 metres of LED strips can be connected at a time.

Order your accessory kit from our webshop today!

RGBW LED Accessory Set

WW LED Accessory Set