The New Loxone HQ. It’s (almost) ready…

Philipp Schuster
15th July 2013 in Backstage

Our purpose-built worldwide HQ and Smart Office hub in Austria is now built and almost ready for the team to move in to. The final touches are being applied now, with the last of the furniture being brought in and coffee machines being installed (hey look, we’re not moving in ‘til the caffeine situation’s sorted, okay?!).

The new office has been fully automated using the new 4.2 Loxone Config and is currently being configured and tweaked to make sure we’ve got the Smartest open-planned office in Europe. And with room for more than 100 Loxonauts, we’ve plenty of space to move into too.

Out with the old…

In 2009 we moved into our first office in Kollerschlag, near Rohrbach in Northern Austria. Our inaugural home was on the site of the old town hall and wasn’t exactly – how should we say? ‘In the best condition’). In fact, the demolition crew had already been booked when we reached an agreement with the local authority to move in. But with a little hard work, creativity and enthusiasm, we transformed our first office from crumbling relic to jazzy home-from-home for our almost 70-strong workforce. But alas, the success of the Miniserver has necessitated a move to pastures new. And pastures bigger.

We’re sad to be leaving our old home but not too sad. We like to see it as representative of our growth and hard work. The office is bigger and better than ever before because the company bigger and better than ever before. Plus it’s pretty sweet working in an ultra-modern and fully-automated office, of course!

Loxone Smart Office

It’s almost a year ago that we got the builders in to start work on creating our very special new home. Twelve months ago, it was just a big patch of grass in the Austrian countryside. Now – it’s a brand new and incredibly stylish and technologically sophisticated workplace. Our very own Loxone Smart Office!

Despite the many changes at Head Office, one thing always remains constant: Our vision. We aim to be the smartest and easiest, cost-effective and above all best Smart Home solution available on Earth!

A picture speaks a thousand words, so why not have a look at how things have progressed and what the new office looks like in our photo album on Facebook, Loxone Base Camp.