New: Door & Window Contact Air and Water Sensor Air

Lucinda Wood
7th April 2016 in Technology

With the newly developed Loxone Door & Window Contact Air and Water Sensor Air, we expand our Air range with two important Smart Home components. These two sensors will allow you to inexpensively implement additional features in your smart home without the need for wiring.

Fensterkontakt und Wassersensor im Einsatz

New: Loxone Door & Window Contact Air

The battery-operated Door & Window Contact Air reliably detects open/closed doors. Small in size but packed with Loxone Air technology, it can be seamlessly integrated into your Loxone Smart Home. With it, you can enjoy:

  • Numerous security features: Receive instant alerts when a doors and window is opened without permission. Even if you’re miles away from home, you can be updated instantly via your smartphone if something’s amiss at home.
  • Save energy: Together with smart heating control, this little sensor can help you to save energy.  It recognises if you’ve opened a window and lowers the heating in that room automatically.
  • For optimum security in your home, we recommend installing a contact to all external doors & windows.

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New: The Loxone Water Sensor Air


The Water Sensor Air reliably detects leaking water. Upon detecting water, the sensor will instantly communicate to the Miniserver, which in turn can send out an alert to warn you of the situation. This gives you precious extra minutes to tackle the problem and prevent further water damage. Powered by battery, this small sensor can be placed in utility rooms, under the kitchen sink or wherever it’s convenient.

Wassersensor Air

The Water Sensor Air can be placed wherever you like in your home, and is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, basements and utility rooms!

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