New: Nano Dimmer Air – Perfect For Retrofit Lighting Control

Tyron Cosway
24th August 2016 in Technology

Introducing a great new addition to our product range; the Loxone Nano Dimmer Air. Based on our Loxone Air Technology, this new device is the perfect retrofit solution for lighting control. It is a compact flush dimmer which seamlessly integrates with existing standard lighting installations with little effort. Used in a Loxone Smart Home, the Nano Dimmer Air ensures you can create beautiful lighting to suit any mood.

Trenner Nano Dimmer Air

Set the scene in your home

Light can have a big impact on our well-being. With the Loxone Nano Dimmer Air you now have more possibilities with lighting. Different situations require different levels of light intensity and with the Nano Dimmer Air, your Loxone Smart Home can create the perfect lighting effect at the right time:



Different light intensities for any situation. Create the perfect lighting scenes.


Fade In / Fade Out

Fading transitions that are gentle on the eyes.

night light

Night Light

Dimmed lighting to guide the way at night, instead of being dazzled by bright light.

When you’re having a relaxing evening on the couch, you need less light than if you were reading a book for example. By having various lighting scenes, you can easily select the most suitable one or have your Loxone Smart Home determine the best one for you.

The fade in / fade out feature means turning the lights on and off is gentle on the eyes, especially transitioning from dark to light. This feature could also be used to slowly wake you up with lighting in the morning for example.

No more fumbling around in the dark. The Nano Dimmer Air means your Loxone Miniserver can set a different intensity of light at night, so if you find yourself needing to get up in the middle of the night it will turn on dimmed lighting to guide you, instead of dazzling you with bright lights.

Minimal Effort

Thanks to the integrated wireless Loxone Air Technology, homes can easily benefit from the Nano Dimmer Air with little wiring effort. An ideal retrofit solution!

Loxone Air Technologie

nano dimmer slide

Compact Design

Compact dimensions of 53 x 53 x 31mm means the Nano Dimmer Air will fit happily in the cavity behind most switch plates.

Low Energy Consumption

Optimal energy usage in standby mode is approximately 0.5W.

nano dimmer energy

nano dimmer certified

Certified and Tested – for your safety

A compact design that meets all safety and CE standards.

nano dimmer touch
Loxone Touch for Nano

As with the Nano IO Air, the Nano Dimmer Air is a perfect fit with the Touch for Nano. The Loxone Touch for Nano can be plugged straight into the Nano Dimmer Air – giving you complete function of the capacitive touch surface, five touch points and click feedback.

You can find out more about the Loxone Nano Dimmer Air on the Technical Documentation page or view the item in our Webshop.

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