New: Nano DI Tree – The benefits of Loxone Tree with your choice of switch

Tyron Cosway
7th February 2017 in Technology

We at Loxone understand how popular Loxone Tree has been since it was launched in April 2016, with both our Partners and customers benefiting from shorter installation times without sacrificing the benefits of a Loxone Smart Home. One thing that we did notice, though, is that for many customers the interior aesthetics of their new home is very important to them – right down to the detail of light switches.

When it comes to the choice of our own switches that are purpose-made for use in a Loxone Smart Home using Tree technology, there is the Touch Tree and Touch Pure Tree. We recognise though that we all have our own individual tastes, so we’ve created a product that means you can use the switch you love with the home automation system you love! The New Nano DI Tree not only gives you the freedom to switch it up to suit your taste, but it also gives you the option to make use of third-party sensors while using the Tree topology.

This means you can integrate any switches, buttons, window and door contacts and other sensors into a Loxone Smart Home while benefitting from Loxone Tree technology!

With a dimension of 38.4 x 34.2 x 10.5mm, the Nano DI Tree fits easily into any back box. It has six digital inputs which means you can use third-party switches while still working to the Loxone Switch Standard. This module also makes it easier to integrate third-party sensors into a Loxone Smart Home. As this module uses our Tree technology, it helps to minimise the cabling and installation time – a plus for Loxone Partners and homeowners alike.

Click the button below to view the Nano DI Tree in our webshop where you can also read up on the technical details.

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