Motion Sensor Air: A Must-Have For Every Room

Lucinda Wood
23rd February 2016 in Technology
Despite its unassuming appearance, the motion sensor is one of the most important sensors in a Loxone Smart Home, so of course, we had to develop our own Air version. We’re delighted to announce the launch of the new Loxone Motion Sensor Air – a discreet wireless motion sensor that can be placed anywhere in your home.

One Sensor, Many Uses

The Motion Sensor Air is a great option for wirelessly detecting presence in your home. Just one single Motion Sensor Air can be used for a variety of functions within your Loxone Smart Home, helping you to streamline your daily routine and save energy at the same time.

Kitchen in a Loxone Smart Home, with a Motion Sensor Air on the ceiling.

An Example:

You enter the kitchen in the morning to make a cup of coffee. The Motion Sensor Air instantly detects your presence and activates the ‘breakfast’ lighting scene. Meanwhile, your chosen radio station is switched on to update you with the morning news and traffic report whilst you’re getting ready for the day. Once you’ve left the kitchen, the Motion Sensor Air will signal the Miniserver to lower the room temperature and switch off the lights.

Intelligent Technology, Discreet Appearance

The wireless Loxone Motion Sensor Air is discreet.
Motion Sensor

With a detection range of 360° and a viewing angle of 110°, the Motion Sensor Air keeps everything under control. The sensitivity can be adjusted in 4 steps.

Brightness Sensor

A high-brightness sensor provides important information for lighting control – with a measuring range of 0 to 188,000 lux.

Loxone Air Technology

The Motion  Sensor Air can be easily be integrated into your existing Loxone Smart Home and works via Loxone Air technology.

Easy to Install & Configure

Installing the Loxone Motion Sensor Air.
Easy Installation

With the fibre-reinforced mounting plate, the Motion Sensor Air can be easily and securely mounted on the ceiling, wall and on a 68mm flush box.

Battery Powered or Wired

You can power the Motion Sensor Air with 2 AA batteries or via 24V. Thanks to Air technology the sensor has a battery life of up to 2 years!

Also available in Tree

The Loxone Motion Sensor is now also available with our revolutionary Loxone Tree technology, which makes wiring your smart home installation easier than ever.

To find out more about the technical specifications of the Loxone Motion Sensor Air/Tree, or to purchase, click below.