Meet Our Partners: Amica Electrical

Lucinda Wood
7th October 2016 in Backstage

This week on ‘Meet Our Partners’, we’re chatting to Ben Tozer of Amica Electrical, a Dorset based Loxone Silver Partner.

Ben Tozer - Amica Electrical

Hi Ben! Could you start by telling us about your background and what led you to become interested in home automation?

I have been an electrical engineer since 1997 and have always been interested in new technologies. A large part of our company is IT based and with a close working relationship with our IT partner, transitioning into home automation seemed like the natural and logical next step for us as a company.

What made you decide to become a Loxone Partner?

Over the years I have tried a variety of home automation systems and have never been impressed. Often too complicated, requiring extensive programming routines and difficulties and poor customer service. When Loxone came along all that changed. Here was a system that combined all the technologies, provided high quality hardware, user-friendly software, great customer service and effective Partner support and training. Becoming a Partner was an easy decision.

What makes your company different? What are your unique selling points?

Under the umbrella of Amica Technologies we are able to provide customers with IT and electrical services. As the electrical engineering side of the business, we support all IT installs whether it is small Wi-Fi install, a UPS system, domestic or a large corporate installation. We are able to take care of it all. In return, our IT partners support our programming, configuration and provide a customer support service.


What has been your favourite project? What challenges have you faced?

We are actually currently undertaking our biggest and favourite project. It is our first full installation into a 6-bedroom house using the ‘Loxone Tree’ system. The result is going to be a beautiful house design, of both which the architect and ourselves are very proud. The Loxone home automation system will showcase its design to its best whilst allowing the client to really experience Autopilot Living in their new home.

Amica Electrical Loxone Smart Home

Tell us a little about your latest project. What features did you install? How has your customer benefitted from their new Loxone Smart Home?

Our last project, although also a fantastic property, was a refurbishment and as such it loses its title as our favourite! Our client benefitted massively from the Loxone install as the property is a second home and the convenience and peace of mind the security aspects and remote management of the system provides them is untold. Although the customer’s favourite aspect of their Smart Home is the humidity stats installed in the wet rooms! The humidity sensors are configured to activate the underfloor heat mat and extractor fans, ensuring dry and never damp bathrooms, something that had previously been a problem when the client was away from the property for any length of time.

What would be your ultimate home automation project?

We would love to install a Loxone system into a school. Not only to provide energy saving benefits but to educate the next generation, who will surely be living with Loxone as standard! We have already approached a local school with regards to installing aspects of automated living into their technology centre.

In your opinion, where will the smart home industry be, in the UK, in 2020?

I think we will see an increased number of retrofit installs and middle market new builds installing systems, as home automation leaves its legacy of high end installs, thanks to competitive pricing and improved usability, opening up home automation to the middle market. I still think the driving force behind this uptake will be the security aspects of home automation.

What trends are you seeing in home automation? What is popular with your customers?

‘The 3S’s. Security, security and security! That is the driving force of the market from our point of view.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone thinking of having Loxone installed, what would it be?

Ensure you install the ‘Loxone Standard’ as a minimum, whether a new installation or retrofit, in order to ensure you get the best out of your home automation system and really achieve Autopilot Living. In our experience, clients who opt for smaller systems always end up upgrading!

Finally, describe your own dream home in one sentence.

A house built for my family’s future, comfortable, secure, with a beautiful view.

Thanks, Ben!

About Amica Electrical Engineers

“At Amica Electrical we are passionate about what we do, our electrical engineers have over 20 years experience in the electrical and corporate industry. We are registered with various partners as installers of their equipment and our services all come with the appropriate certifications and relevant guarantees.

A leading provider of Loxone Smart Home and office automation, we ensure professional and quality installations.

Our dedicated IT Partner Amica Technology provides an extensive range of support and maintenance services for our IT solutions and products.”

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