Loxone US Now Supporting Brazil

Lucinda Wood
26th August 2014 in Backstage

New Loxone US Support for Brazil

Loxone US currently supports clients in the United States, Canada, Mexico and New Zealand.  Effective August 21, customers in Brazil will also be supported by Loxone US.  The benefit to our Brazilian partners is a reduction in shipping costs as well as larger overlap in business hours for placing orders and technical support.


Loxone training is available at our US office in Lexington Kentucky.  Prospective students can register on the US site.

Loxone Training


When visiting the Loxone webshop from Brazil you will be redirected to the US Webshop http://shop.loxone.com/enus.  Products shipped from US will support 230V 50Hz as well as 110V 60Hz.

Technical Support and Project Planning

We look forward to serving our Brazilian audience and are happy to provide technical support as well as planning and design support for your Smart Home needs.  All of our orders are shipped via UPS and will be processed the same day.
Saudações from Loxone US.

Loxone US Contact Info

Phone +1 859 554 3147                          Business Hours 8AM-5PM Eastern

[email protected]
[email protected]

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