The Loxone Bluegrass Smart Home Project: Multi-Room Audio

Lucinda Wood
12th December 2014 in BackstageCase Studies

One of the most valuable benefits of a Loxone Smart Home is the opportunity to enjoy multi-room audio. When most people think of smart home audio, they imagine controlling and playing music in different rooms. The Loxone Multi-Room Audio System, however, offers this and so much more!

Why Add Multi-Room Audio to Your Home?

With Loxone, multi-room audio is fully customized for the home owner. Fully automate or control your music in each room or area of your house. Access to multi-room audio is also simple for the home owner. When at home, take control of your music locally by push-button, App or remote. When away, the home owner can use their smart phone, tablet or computer to control their system from anywhere in the world where internet is available! In addition, the Loxone Smart Home system has no contract and both the  app and configuration software are free of charge!

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Communicating through the Miniserver, Loxone Audio works together with security, lighting, and more! 

Multi-Room Audio In The Bluegrass Smart Home

In the Loxone Bluegrass Smart Home, there are many different uses involving multi-room audio. We will be able to listen to our favorite music and multimedia everywhere throughout the house and garage.  Along with music, Home Security and Lighting will work and communicate with our audio system. Each feature discussed has many more benefits included.  Lets dive into each area!

Speakers in Bluegrass

Our Loxone Bluegrass Smart Home features Multi-Room Audio in all 4 bedrooms, kitchen, living room, garage and more!  

TV & Home Theater

Listen to the big game even when you can’t be in front of the TV! Loxone Audio enables your system to integrate with the TV allowing you to hear your favorite team play while you move about the house. Also enhance your favorite movie or TV series with full surround sound! Loxone also features custom lighting scenes which will work together with your multi-room audio to create the perfect environment.


Maximize Home Security

With the addition of presence detection and window & door contacts, we turn Multi-Room Audio into a home security system; blasting an audible warning signal to any intruder through the Loxone speakers throughout the house.

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Setting The Scene

The Loxone Multi-Room Audio system delivers music from one central source, the music server, and delivers your favorite streaming services such as Spotify, Pandora, Grooveshark and much more. You can stream each source to any of your devices including iPods, tablets and computers. Since each person in the house will have his or her own tastes and preferences, our Multi-Room Audio system will be able to deliver different sources simultaneously to different rooms. Conversely, when entertaining or just moving around your house, you can have the system play the same synchronized source to every room throughout the house.

How Can I Add To My Home?

Until recently, purchasing a sleek whole home audio system meant spending a great deal of money. The Loxone Multi Audio System is an affordable solution for every homeowner. Multi-Room Audio is a great way to integrate audio into your Loxone Smart Home.

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