A trio of software updates for your smart home: Loxone Config 8.3, Loxone App 7.4, Loxone Music Server Update

Tyron Cosway
21st March 2017 in Technology

This powerful trio of software updates packs even more features into your Loxone Smart Home. With these updates your home becomes more intuitive and the way you interact with it is more efficient.

Brand New Features of Loxone App 7.4:

In The Palm of Your Hand:
Schedule Operating Modes Via The App

Your home knows you and adapts to changes in the way you use the rooms in your home. Such changes could even include going on holiday or when the in-laws visit for the weekend. Now, from within the app, you are able to schedule operating modes such as ‘Holiday’ via an easy to use calendar interface.

Betriebszeiten planen

Imagine you’re going to sunny Spain with your loved ones for two weeks of pure relaxation. This feature is exactly what you need! Simply enter the dates that you are away for and your Loxone Smart Home will take care of the rest; lowering the heating to frost-protection levels, switching off energy guzzlers, activating presence simulation and of course setting the alarm.

Operating Modes may require some setup by your Loxone Partner for full functionality. This function is also only available if your user has administrator rights. If you’re not sure whether you have administrator rights, please contact your local Loxone Partner.

Battery Levels In Sight:
Monitoring The Battery Levels of Air Devices

Our devices are designed to ensure maximum battery life with low power consumption. At some point though every battery eventually runs out. With the latest version of the Loxone Smart Home App, you can view the battery level of each of the Air devices in your home in one neat view, from wherever you are.

Batterie Monitor Übersicht
Batterie Monitor Detailansicht

The app now features a clear list of all the Air devices in your home with their respective battery level. You can sort the list by status and by room helping you easily monitor the devices. You’ll also be able to view information like whether the device is online or offline and instructions on how to change the battery. This feature is ready-to-go, requiring no additional programming by a Loxone Partner.

More exciting features in this App update:

Expert Mode
For Rooms and Categories

In addition to being able to change function block properties, you can now also adjust individual Room and Category settings within Expert Mode. This allows you to adjust the name, rating, and icon.

Extended Door & Window

You can now not only see if a door or window is open or closed, but with this update you can also see if they are locked or unlocked. (Hardware dependant).

Slimmer Design
For Lighting Sliders

To be able to deliver a better user experience, we have redesigned the lighting sliders. This update will also show brightness as part of the dimmer slider in the lighting controller.

Here’s the punch Loxone Config 8.3 is packing:

Simple, Quick & Straight To The Point:
Unified Search

With the brand-new Loxone Config 8.3, you can now use F5 to search for Function Blocks, peripherals, pages and objects that have already been created. In addition to a detailed search result, you will also get a short preview of the object, including a short description and reference of where the object is located. This comprehensive new feature means faster and easier configuration of a Loxone Smart Home.

Loxone Unified Search

All In Order:
Loxone Config Project Management

Where you’ve saved the config file of your latest project can be just as important as the configuration itself. If you have several Loxone projects on the go it can be tricky to have a clear overview of these. The new project management tool helps you create and manage projects, giving you a clear yet comprehensive and structured view.

In the new Loxone Config 8.3, all your projects are clearly organised and accessible from the start screen. Providing a more detailed overview, specific data such as the customer name and the project location of the file is also displayed.

Loxone Config Projek Management


All too familiar with saving files with ‘V2’, ‘V2new’, ‘new (3)’ at the end? With the new version of our Loxone Config, you can quickly and easily save and manage backups of your config files – doing away with those messy file names.

More exciting features in this Config update:

Measurement view tool for LiveView

For better diagnoses, in LiveView you are now able to pin and track values as you work on logic – allowing them to appear on other pages of your configuration.

Improved battery status

More accurate measurement of remaining battery life for Air devices.

Text in Memory Flags

In addition to analogue and digital signals, Memory Flags now also support text.

More Power For Your Loxone Music Server

The Loxone Music Server is also getting a software update! Take a look at the changelog to find out more about the new features that this update brings.

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