New & Improved: Introducing Loxone Config 6.2

Lucinda Wood
4th December 2014 in Technology

Our software department in Austria has been quite busy during these past few months.  Earlier today, we released the most powerful smart home software from Loxone to date: Loxone Config 6.2!  This new version is now available free of charge with no restrictions.  Download this latest release from our website!

Download Loxone Config 6.2


What is new in Loxone Config 6.2?  This latest release includes support for brand new upcoming products as well as over 500 bug fixes!  There are also many new features and fixes included in this new version.  Here is a further look into the new updates:

New: Intelligent room controller with input can now disable the motion sensor

New: Music Server zone input can now disable the motion sensor and TH parameters

New: Support for TLS encryption Mailer!
New: New and improved templates for serial protocols and the network

New: Custom time zones for countries without DST
New: Automatic shading object inputs for the positioning of the blinds
New: Better handling remembrance in the boot phase
New: Enhanced configuration file structure
New: Enhanced Gate Control
New: Improved door control with the Loxone Intercom and Cloud DNS configuration
New: Improvements in Modbus RTU & TCP
New: Improved RS485 extension handling
New: 1-Wire sensors of the same group can have different update cycles

All the new benefits, improvements, details and more can be found on our Changelog page.

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