Loxone Config 6.3 with a new Energy Manager function block – download it now!

Lucinda Wood
17th March 2015 in Technology

Our new Loxone Config 6.3, packed full of improved features including our new Energy Manager function block, is now available as a free download from our website!

New: Energy Manager

Our software developers have put loads of lines of code and loads of ideas into our new function module, the Energy Manager. The result? Energy management is made even easier!

Make the most of the Energy Manager module for your home:

  • Overview of electricity usage and generation – any time, any place
  • Optimised use of self-produced electricity for lower energy costs
  • Prioritised activation of appliances e.g. the washing machine, the electric car charging station and so on.

An example of the Energy Manager module in action: the washing machine

As usual, the sun is hiding behind the clouds, preventing your PV system from producing any electricity. You load the washing machine and activate your chosen wash cycle. The Loxone Miniserver helps you to save energy and will deactivate your washing machine again after 1 minute. As soon as the sun is shining and the PV system is producing its own electricity, the energy surplus is used and the washing machine is activated again. On days where there is no sunshine for the whole day, the Energy Manager ensures that the wash cycle is completed by midnight. It is also easy to manually activate the wash cycle at the push of a button.

We are currently working on adding more features to our Energy Manager. That’s why the function block in Loxone Config is annotated as ‘Beta’, despite it being fully functional.

More New Features & Improvements

As well as the Energy Manager, there are even more new features and improvements:

  • New: Support for new products: sign up for updates
  • New: Expanding the production meter by adding new object inputs
  • Improved stability of the Modbus Extension
  • And much more!

You can find all the details about these and more improvements on our website.

Our software team is constantly working on software updates. Whether it is support for new products, improving usability or integrating technological advances – the Loxone Smart Home just keeps getting better!

Get your free download of Loxone Config 6.3 now!

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Minor Update:

Now available as a free download from our website: Loxone Config is a minor update.

Our software developers have improved and optimised some of the function blocks and functionalities in the Loxone Config, including:

Fixes for known issues:

  • Fix: Unlabelled input fields in dialogue for rooms and categories
  • Fix: Error with automatic alarm confirmation, when set to very short durations
  • Fix: Single phase Loxone Modbus Electricity Meter – corrected Modbus data type for ‘power’ sensor
  • Fix: Incorrect insertion of multiple memory flags when only one is selected

Additional updates:

  • Change in frequency for battery powered Air devices
  • Energy Manager also uses available surplus to activate appliances with low energy usage
  • Increased time-out duration for saving images from the intercom
  • Improved Modbus TCP support for slow Modbus devices
  • Creation of Client Gateway setups improved
  • Better support for zoom in web interface