Download the new Android App & Loxone Config 3.1. Beta 2 now!

Philipp Schuster
10th January 2012 in Technology

Just like last year we will keep you on the leading edge of technology with numerous updates, this will include new many features and various enhancements.

Just before the holidays we submitted a new version of our mobile apps to the App Store and Android Market. These are now both available and include many new block functions for a richer user interface and a whole host of other improvements! In addition to the app, you may have noticed that we have put up the second beta of our 3.1 configuration software online a few days ago.

Android app v2.3 Loxone Config 3.1 Beta 2
Features many new block functions and the task recorder to give you an even more intuitive interface for your automation system. Download > Test the beta of our next configuration software release to get a sneak preview of all the new features and help us improve our products! Download >

New Android app now available!

This update boasts many new features and performance improvements! The update is available via the Android Market or as a download directly on our website.

Over the last few month we were able to gather lots of valuable feedback from our users who tested the Android beta app. This allowed us to build an app that runs even smoother on a whole host of Android devices. Thank you for your support!

Overview of new features:

  1. New: English Demo Device
  2. New: Added support for user defined states
  3. New block function: Timer / Schedule
  4. New block function: Burglar Alarm
  5. New block function: Comfort switch
  6. New block function: Stairwell light switch
  7. New block function: Push-button (double) +/-
  8. New block function: Push-button (double) On/Off
  9. New block function: Radio buttons
  10. New block function: Gate
  11. New block function: Operating time counter
  12. New block function: Tracker
  13. New block function: Push-button
  14. New block function: Sauna (with and without humidifier)
  15. New block function: EIB push-button
  16. New block function: EIB dimmer
  17. New block function: Task recorder
  18. New block function: News and info window
  19. Many bug fixes and performance improvements


Download Android App v 2.3 >

Loxone Config 3.1 Beta 2

The second version of our public beta resolves error that you reported for the first beta version. We have also added a new feature to support proportional EnOcean valve actuators.

Download Loxone Config 3.1 Beta 2 >


We look forward to your feedback and any suggestions. Please send these to [email protected] or post them in the Beta Tester Forum.