Loxone Config 3.0 – Experience Home Automation anew with Loxone

Philipp Schuster
5th September 2011 in Technology

After a long wait the new version of our configuration software has arrived. Download your copy of version 3.0 now and experience home automation on another level!

Top Features at a Glance

The list of new features and improvements is endless. Our 5 new extensions are now fully supported enabling you to let your imagination reign free. To et your appetite here some of the new features, but really you have to see it for yourself:

Full integration with all our new extensions

Endless number of possibilities: digital lighting control via DMX, cheap sensors using 1-wire, wireless control and serial communication.

Whether it is DMX lighting, the use of inexpensive sensors or wireless communication with sensors and actuators – our new extensions offer countless new possibilities for your home automation system!

Web: Product information for new extensions

Automatic blinds: Optimal control with a single press

Enable the automatic mode and enjoy optimal shading during the day and privacy when it gets dark – it really is that simple!

Dependant on sun direction, height and intensity the slats of you blinds get positioned so that it stays cool in summer and warm in the winter. Additionally the blinds can be automatically closed for privacy at dusk.

Blog series: Further Information regarding automatic blinds will soon follow on our blog!

Visualisation: Numerous new functional blocks

New visualisation items of functional blocks for heating timer, burglar alarm, automatic blinds, custom status messages and many more have been added to the WebSocket Client.

The web browser visualization has been thoroughly revised and apart from an improved design features many new block items for specific functional blocks to make the interaction with your automation system even easier.

Blog series: More information about these visualization components and the new functional blocks will soon follow soon on our blog!

For Experts: Write custom functions in Pico-C

Write your own scripts in our configuration software and let your creativity run wild!

In Loxone Config 3.0, you can write your own scripts using Pico-C and thus carry out calculations, parse data from the web and much more. You have an extensive library of functions available to fill your boots!

Statistics: Log data and explore it in Excel

Tie data which is logged on the MiniServer into an Excel spread sheet to create charts and reports at will.

The update to version 3.0 enables the MiniServer to log all data in XML format. This can be linked to an Excel spread sheet (even set to auto-update on opening of the spread sheet!) which will then allow you to do whatever parsing and graphing you like.

Blog series: Further information on the binding of log files to Excel will soon be available on our blog!

New Object: Energy Counter

Measure your energy consumption and control your appliances according to overall usage.

The energy meter object, in conjunction with a physical energy meter fitted in your consumer unit enables you to keep an eye on how much electricity you use at any time. Furthermore this information can be used to to control your appliances, which is of particular use if you have PV-solar panels on your roof.

Integration of UDP for better support of network devices

Your mini server now supports UDP commands for communication with many more network devices.

Your mini-server can both send and receive UDP packets, giving it a great amount of flexibility when it comes to integrating all those devices that are already sitting on your home network.

Many, many more new features and improvements

The list of new features and improvements in Loxone Config 3.0 is endless.

Here just a small selection of these:

  • New Object: Automatic blinds
  • New object: Energy meter
  • New Object: Formula
  • New Object: Modulo
  • New Object: Radio Buttons
  • New Object: Min / Max
  • New: Custom status messages in the visualization
  • New: Send and receive UDP commands (UDP virtual inputs and outputs)
  • New: Logging in XML format (possibility to link to external applications like Excel)
  • New: Implementation of the EIS data type EIS3
  • New: A3 & ledger page sizes for large programming pages
  • New: Complete revision of the English translation of all buttons and short descriptions
  • Enhancement: Extended functionality of the lighting controller object
  • Enhancement: Visualisation – Support of the latest WebSocket drafts (6 Firefox, Firefox 7)
  • Enhancement: Visualisation – Numerous improvements to stability and performance

And many, many more!

Blog Series: Accompanying the release of Loxone Config 3.0 and our new apps, we will create numerous blog posts describing the new features over the coming weeks. So stay tuned and subscribe to the blog!


Download the Loxone Config 3.0 now to benefit from all the new features

Get the new generation of our configuration software now and take advantage of the many improvements, which will propel your system into a new dimension of home automation.

Please read the release notes and the installation & update instructions carefully!


Web: Download Loxone Config 3.0

Many thanks to all the beta testers

At this point we would like thank all beta testers, who have been with us through out a long test phase. Thank you for the bug reports and your feedback. Without this much support throughout the testing phase a release of this magnitude would not have been possible!