Loxone Business School

Philipp Schuster
7th November 2013 in Backstage

As a company, it’s always nice to be involved in the local community and give young jobseekers the opportunity to get their feet on the career ladder and grow. That’s why we’ve got such strong ties with BBS – a ‘vocational college’ near our headquarters in Rohrbach, northern Austria.

Bigwigs at the college recently paid a visit to our snazzy new head office. BBS Director Roland Berlinger and a small team of the college’s lecturers descended onto Loxone Base Camp for a look around and to really get acquainted with what we do and what we’re all about. And it turns out it’s pretty much the same as the college… They focus on IT, digital business, marketing and management and are all about launching careers. And so do we!

Business School

Over a quarter of our employees in Austria are young people from nearby vocational colleges like this and they’re graduating with great qualifications and excellent knowledge. Especially those that were keen to learn home automation and enrolled on the specific ‘Loxone Course’!

We’ve built up a great reciprocal relationship with BBS that really benefits both parties. It’s something we’ve just really got into back home in the old country, but it’s we’re pretty keen to roll similar ventures out across the rest of the world in the various other countries that we’ve a base in. So watch out for a similar venture in the UK at some point!